about the blogger

What do you call a really fat penguin?

An Ice Breaker! Hi, I'm Denise.

I would like to invite you to read my blog! It'd make me happy.

Other things that make me happy are reading good books, being snuggly, Chinese food, playing Dungeons and dragons, Karaoke, booze in almost all forms, keepin' it chill, sunshine, spoon rings, people who can help me with my mini catastrophes, and lots of other things I can't think of right now.

More likely than not I'm happy. I was somewhat depressed for a while, but I like to think that I'm over it. About once a week I question my own sanity and then I realize that I don't really care and the world goes back to normal. I get along with almost everyone who wants to be gotten along with. I have a slightly morbid sense of humor. I find things, basically rape them, and then move on. As in, I find a blog, read the entire thing then find another I like and start all over again. This goes for TV shows, books series, hobbies... things I can get involved in, and then move on once I've got my fill. Possibly never to return.

Still curious?

I dream in color. I know way to much about random things, and I will share those things with you if the opportunity presents its self. You'll know it's coming because I'll say "did you know, " followed by way to much of something you were never curious about before. I like Radio Lab, it's where I get ideas... I blog at work, and some times I get lots of inspiration, others I get none; so my blogs may be sporadic. I try not to blog on weekends, it's time to do things, so I can maybe come up with an interesting thing to blog about. I like to use compound complex sentences, but sometimes I feel like that comes off as pretentious; so I stop. I start sentences with "and", "but", and "or". I always use 2 commas when there are three things to separate, never 1. I know that that seems conflicting... I start sentences with a conjunction but live archaically in my idea of correct comma usage. Don't ask, I won't have to come up with an answer.

I love my best friend, he doesn't read my blog, I don't know why he is my best friend. I like gay people, a lot more than any healthy straight girl should. I'm pro choice. I believe in God. I went to private school for 9 years, and I don't feel like I missed anything. I'm fickle, and usually my favorite whatever is the one I'm currently into. Favorite song? Probably the one I just heard. Favorite book? The one I'm reading most likely. Favorite food? Whatever I just made for dinner, unless I have had it 3 days in a row... then it's probably pot pie. Or sweet potatoes. It's sweet potatoes, I don't know what I was talking about. I say things like "bro", and "dude" because I think it's funny. I also say things are "boss" or "totally rad". I try to keep these things in my head, but they usually come out.

I have cold hands and feet, and if we're close I'd like to warm them up on you. If you'd sit on my feet when we hang out that'd be great. I like the Match Game (74) and wish it would come back on. I talk about statistics. I talk about the brain. I talk about poop. People gotta lighten up if you ask me, including myself from time to time. Did I mention my spell of slight to moderate depression? It sucked, I never want to go there again. I do believe in soul mates, and i believe my is my homo best friend who I can't live without no matter how hard I try (not that I've tried...). I believe that Carrie Bradshaw was pretty smart, and although I was never an avid watcher, I like to read the quotes sometimes as long as they don't involve shopping or shoes. Even though I do like shoes.

I'm a pretty good cook as long as you ask anyone but David. :)

I enjoy making things, and sharing things, and making people happy. I talk about my love for onions often and say I want to marry them. Same goes for garlic. I love them so much... When I sweat you can smell garlic on me; I know, hot.

I have a great memory, and it surprises even me sometimes the things I remember. I keep mental lists, and they are almost always completed on time. My room is a mess, and I think it always will be. On my book shelf I refuse to keep books in a series next to each other, it's too pretentious, and frankly I feel like the books will never meet anyone else if they are constantly smooshed against their chronological brothers. Yes books can meet people, yes they have brothers.

I like Glee. A lot. I hate that Glee is so commercial now. Why the Madonna episode? Why a whole CD based off one episode? I don't like that about pop culture, they just want money, no one cares about being solely entertaining anymore. Sometimes I have mini rants. I'm apologising right now for any past or future ones you may read. I like mini almost anything. Yes I say it's "cute" even if it's just mini Velveeta cheese (have you seen those? Adorable!)

I believe in Aliens. I believe in online shopping. I believe in Harry Potter.

If you'd like to follow me on twitter (@dhpotter) please do so, if you want to be my facebook friend that's probably okay too, just message me first. I am one of those people who knows everyone I'm friends with on facebook.