Thursday, February 10, 2011

seriously, stop crying

What the heck was with Tina???

Last night I caught up on my glee, and Tina was just... weirder than normal I guess.  

Why was she crying like some spastic whore? And why are the glee kids throwing "love" around like it's... something you throw around a lot... I promise to work on my metaphors. Her song just caught me off guard. I understand it was supposed to be funny, but it was just so awkward... so. awkward.


Brittany looked hot, per usual. I was so in love with the Thriller dance I couldn't even blink. Ama-za-zing. Seriously. Artie actually creeped me out. Someone had fun with that make up.

Quinn is making me mad, so is Santana. I know that high school is full of idiots and drama and this is Glee Club; the kids are bound to be overly dramatic often, but why such shady behavior? Why is Quinn not the shining beacon of morality her character could be? She's so pretty, I don't want to be mad at her. And Santana is just a bitch. There really isn't any getting around it.

Brittany is so hilarious! There were two pieces of gold from her:

  • as Santana is crying, "Maybe you should rock back and fourth, that's what they do on TV."
  • sitting on Artie's lap, "This is my boyfriend, his legs don't work." (or something like that)

Rachel, Mercedes, and Kurts sleep over made me happy. I remember sleep overs with my gay bff Albert. Way too much fun. That is all.

Oh, David, the homo/homophobe... still pissing me off. I get the point of his character. I understand what he is doing for the plot. But, I still can't stand that type of person.

Bieste is officially in my bang book. My God, that woman is such a great person. I can't imagine the show being half as amazing if it weren't for her character. I love her! No really, so much. She's got so much inner strength, and her head and heart are exactly where they should be. Mr. Schu won my heart when he smooched her.


  1. I was SO HAPPY that Artie was lead on "Thriller." He looked & sounded incredible. And I didn't get Tina's weird crying, either...

  2. I loved the last episode of Glee as well. I'm glad they did Thriller & I was also wondering why Tina was crying, lol :D

  3. OMG I was so in love with the Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mash-up. It was officially epic and stood up to all the hype.

    As for Tina's crying, did you catch the part at the end of PYT when she said "I'm so in love I could cry!"

    Oh to be 16 again.

    Also, whatcha think about Puck and Zizes?
    "I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S" Hahaha, love it.

  4. @ Jimmie, I love Puck and Zizes! I think the song he sang to her was hilariously offensive, but he has a great voice and I was moved. It makes me happy that TV is showing that every girl who is overweight or weird has just as much of a chance as the girls who look like Santana. Plus, that girl’s attitude is over the top. I adore her.
    And I totally noticed her say she loved him so much she could cry. It added to the strangeness. They are in high school; I never said that word in high school, except to every girl friend I had.

  5. I haven't seen this yet but it sounds amazeballs! I love the thriller dance!

  6. Thanks for reminding me on how behind I am on Glee. Damnit.

  7. I so haven't watched Glee. I feel like a social leper just now.

  8. Oh boo I gotta download these!I hate it when they don't air shows at the same time as the US :(