Monday, February 7, 2011

you betta' recognize!

I don't even know how to start this...

I got recognized. In a bar. In the bathroom. For this blog.

I met a blogger in the bathroom Saturday night. God, how awesome is that?!?!!??

Besides the fact that I was so drunk I couldn't really have good judgement about anything, the night was a blast.

I kissed a girl.

I clogged the toilet (not what you're thinking, I dumped my drink down it, straw, lemon, and all because after two sips I realized my stomach wasn't having any of it and so it became clogged).

I made this girl show me her tattoos in the bathroom.

I made friends with all the smokers outside, this one is made better because I don't even smoke. I don't know why I was outside so much. I'm so weird.

I carded people at the door because I thought it was funny.

I wooed the bouncer with my feminine wiles and I got a guys number who I'm not sure if he was Black or some Indian or Arab nationality because it was dark, he was cute, and I was drunk. And, in reality he could have been either. Or both. And by boy I mean man because he is more than 10 years older than me. I do remember that much.

I fell on the dance floor, but not like trip and fall, like slow motion slip because the floor was wet from melted snow and I didn't have anything to grab onto to stop me from falling. Some nice girl I'd been grinding with helped me up. I think I told her I love her. And her boyfriend. Who also helped me up.

I met Hey Suburban in the Bathroom!!!

Talk about awesome. She asked me if I was Denise. I am Denise so I said yes. She asked me the title of my blog which I responded, "Somewhat of a Spectacle" and she said she was Hey Suburban!

I fa-reaked out.

No one in the bathroom cared. I told them all at least 6 times. They sucked.

She shared with me the fact that some 21 year old kept buying her drinks... turns out that 21 year old is one of the guys I came with and I was actually the one buying her drinks because we shared a tab. She took our picture and as soon as she posts it I'll copy it and post it at the bottom of this post. She is beautiful. I probably have my bra showing or something in the picture... I'm pretty sure I did a thumbs up.

I can't be composed and drunk at the same time.

And holy poo was I drunk.

I had seven shots before I left the house. I had two more (plus two sips of a long island before I tried to flush it) at the bar. I want to go back next week. So much lovely dancing.

Oh, and there was a girl fight as we were leaving! I've never seen one. Those poor girls. One got really messed up. The girl was holding her by the collar and got at least 4 good hits to the mouth in before anyone could separate them. I don't think they actually knew what they were fight about. All I have to say about that is I am glad I'm so non-confrontational. And that I came with two boys. Boys protect you from crazy girls.


  1. That's amazing! I so wish there was even a remote chance of that happening with me but, sadly, because of distance the only bloggers I've met were ones that came over to see me.

    It's a SAD SAD WORLD!

  2. How exciting! and considering the tendency for booze to make things seem even more exciting, this is Epic! the only fellow bloggers I've seen in person are those I already know offline...

  3. That is brilliant! I would love that so much. If someone asked me the title of my blog drunk, however, I'd probably mumble something incoherent and fall over due to shock.

  4. Ooooh man. I'm kind of waiting for/dreading the day this happens to me. Sounds like a drunkenly awesome time!!

  5. I don't know if it's actually true but my favorite line is "Boys protect you from crazy girls."

    Thanks for the add on 20sb

  6. Man that's a cool story. You know, there's a song by The Stokes called Meet Me in the Bathroom. Great song, and apropos to this post!

    Glad you had a good time!

  7. Wow D, we really need to party! Kiss girls, clog toilets, get super drunk and watch cat fights, I think that'd be just splendid. I haven't been recognized for my blog, but I have been recognized as the guy who might've been in Twilight. I swear, some people just look at me and think dark skin and broad shoulders, sheez some people are just rude.

    I've been having a hard time commenting on blogger sites because my new url won't let me. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best

  8. Dude. This was so cool. SOOOO COOOOOL. And, um, thanks for the drinks, it seems. Ha!