Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, it's about dammed time I say, you've only been waiting forever.

I am, officially your favorite blogger today, it's okay, I accept the responsibility and am running with it. And, to anyone who actually knows me in real life, the fact that I haven't ran into a wall is mighty impressive, mighty.

I will state (with a very sad face) that I can only offer this to the U.S readers currently on the mainland. Shipping is expensive, I'd probably save money just flying myself to you and handing it over. But, alas, I cannot.

Please, my deepest apologies.

If you want to give me your address, I'll send you a personal post card. I really do love my bloggers from far and away.

Second rule, because this started because I have more followers than embarrassing things I do in a day (okay, that may not be entirely accurate) you've gotta follow this shit. Be it google reader, the actual blogspot following thing gravitating somewhere on the right side of this or the RSS, all is good. Follow. Leave a comment that you do so.

Second way to enter, follow the tweets (@dhpotter), twitt about the giveaway, and leave a separate comment saying you've done so/are doing so. Possibly, later in the week I'll figure out a way to get a third entry (or second for you lame-o's who don't tweet) but that's later and not now.

Now, the exciting part, what you'll win:

A brand new, never been read book (thus none of my useless scribbles, yes I write in books, it took all my strength to not high light the overall theme in Harry Potter (J.K. reveals it in book 6, that may be Edit: Click me to see>> how you enter for a third time... <<"what is the underlying theme of Harry Potter, one quote, that's it?"... maybe)) of

The Diary of Adam and Eve and Other Stories

 Because I love apples, duh, and I wanted to give you more than just an eighty something page book, even though it's amazing.

And, this is the main reason I can't send you anything over an ocean, a fresh bag of ... wait for it...

Which, I will tell you taste awesome. I finished off the bag yesterday and am going to buy two more... one for me and one for you. Because everyone and their mother wanted to know about these I'll do a full description:

Yes they taste like teddy grahams, only better because they are fishies. And, the mini marshmallows in them are divine. So so good.

There you go, winners will be announced at whatever time I decided to on Thursday, but the chances to enter stops next week at midnight my time (EST).

leave a comment for each entry, and I promise sometime in the next few days I'll come up with a way to give you non-twitts a second entry (and everyone else a third).


  1. I don't use any of those fancy-pants readers. I follow you the old fashioned way, with bookmarks -

    *And* I RT'd for ya -

  2. Of course I follow! Looking forward to my win :)

  3. I want! And I do not tweet yet, but I was thinking of starting one up soon, so maybe this would be a nice little extra incentive...

  4. You are part of my RSS list. It's a good way to keep up with your blog (since I'm not a Blogspot user).

  5. DEEEENNNNIIIISEEEE! I love books :P

  6. Am I allowed to make a twitter account just for this? :x Also, of course I follow you! ;P

  7. I tweeted! Now I better win, darn it!!

  8. Second comment to make up for doubling up on the first comment.

  9. Jane Austen. There are several reasons but the number one reason is because I'm named after one of her most beloved characters :).

  10. My favorite author.... is a lot like a music. I don't have any particular favorite artists. I just like certain songs. Same with reading, I just like certain books. But I guess I'll go with JK Rowling because Harry Potter was awesome.