Monday, November 29, 2010

and the winner is

Dustin, my good friend who has been mia for a few weeks because of the draw of WoW, which I personally know I can't start playing or I'll never stop... addictive personality... I try to stay away from the temptation.

But, Dustin, I'm actually really excited you won because I get to personally text you the good news! Which I am about to do.

Thanks to all who entered! I hope everyone’s thanksgiving was awesome.

I made some delicious stuff; seriously, my family thinks I am some sort of God now. Apple pie, mushroom topper for the steaks (oh, you didn't know my family does steaks for thanksgiving? Only on my mother’s side, we are American. What's more American than steaks?), and for my father’s side I made a three bread stuffing (sourdough, white, and cornbread made in a cast-iron skillet) with roasted mushrooms, Italian sausage, and apples and onions made in a white wine sauce with rosemary and thyme broth. Tell me that doesn't sound like heaven? It was. All are gone now, because they were devoured by the family.

Maybe I'll post the recipes... my cooking blog hates me because I neglect it.


  1. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! :DDDD I never win anything, lol. Well, I'd like to thank my parents, my grandmother, my dog Karma, my other dog Miracle, everyone else who particpated because if you didn't it wouldn't have been my number selected, and of course, the most important, thank you Denise!!! ^_^ You're all wonderful and I love you.


  2. This shit was rigged like an Egyptian election. I want a recall now!

  3. Wow. That meal sounds like heaven. I wouldn't even miss the turkey!