Friday, November 19, 2010


I want to let you all know I am about to talk about Harry Potter, the movie; so, if you haven't seen it and are planning on doing so, stop reading. Because I like you, but not enough to keep my mouth shut.

I hope this doesn't change things between us.

First things first: Ryan Reynold's as the Green lantern makes me wet in the panties. I love him, and the idea of him as a DC comics character is heaven to my geeky heart.

I saw the movie at 12:01 like a good Potter fan should, and I was so impressed.

I haven't spoken much about Harry Potter movies in general on this blog, so I guess now, today, when I'm wearing my seeker shirt and tired from only 4 hours of sleep, seems like a good time.

I hated the 6th movie, and I haven't been really quiet about it, almost everyone who has ever listened to me talk about Harry for more than five minutes knows it, so I don't care. Hated. A lot.

The fifth movie, however, was probably my favorite (until today). It's for a weird reason, you probably didn't notice it actually as being different from the others... but, in the fifth movie they change scenes through the Daily Prophet... through it. I don't know why I love that so much, but it made all the difference for me. In all the other movies they use the paper to tell details (that and Wanted Posters) but in the Fifth it's just more interesting because they go into the moving pictures. I don't know, please don't ask. 4 hours of sleep...

I hated the 6th movie because it was so damn confusing. How do we know who Fenrir Greyback is? Oh, the one wanted poster on screen for three point two millaseconds that doesn't even say why he is wanted? Thank God I read the book... I would have been totally lost if I hadn't. How does Harry rationalize Dumbledore's death? It's because the spell Dumbledore cast on him is no longer affecting him, thus, he must be really really dead. But wait, in the movie there was no spell, just death, and an accepting Harry Potter. One of the most beautiful things I have ever read was the chapter on Dumbledore's funeral; and, because whoever decided they wanted to make the shittiest movie on the planet decided we don't get the perspective on Harry's first wizard funeral, and how he secretly mourns for every witch or wizard he's lost up to the point...

I've only seen the 6th movie once, so if I missed something else terrible about it feel free to comment, I welcome other 6th movie haters with open arms and a cold beverage. Or warm, it's chilly today.

Why I loved the movie last night: an essay on lust and Harry Potter

Kidding, I'm not writing an essay. Sorry chaps, but my right eye is burning (I don't wear my contacts for a reason, I was reminded of that reason this morning while I was peeling my contacts from my eyes) and I am sleepy. I'm glad this is the second to last movie; I am getting to old for this crap.

I loved the magic, I loved how the Horcrux looked when it opened, (although, why do CG Harry and Hermione have to naked make out? That was a little weird...) I loved the relationship development and how funny (and hot) Ron is. I loved The dream/incite into Voldemort's head and life and plan. I loved Luna, and Xenophelous, and I loved how the Three Brothers looked, actually, that may have been one of my favorite parts. I loved Fred and George, I can't get over how sexy those red heads are. Yum. Also, the 7 Harry Potters, h.i.-larious! *tear* Hedwig... *double tear* Moody... *millions and millions of tears* Dobby, he died a free Elf (why the hell didn't they show that?!?!?).

There were only two things I thought could be confusing, one thing I thought was stupid, one thing I was pissed they left out, and one thing I thought didn't need said.

Confusing things: The two way mirror, we haven't really been told (via the movies) what it is, where it's from, or how it works. And, the trace on saying Voldemort's name. We see it, twice, but we don't know what exactly is happening because it's never mentioned.

Stupid thing: Why did Harry specifically say her didn't want to take polyjuice potion when going to Godric's Hollow? He takes it in the book, if they are going to stray (which is fine, I guess...) why say it out loud and contradict the real Harry that lives in our imagination? Stupid (but, how scary was that scene? Ugh... I was on edge, I thought I was going to die).

Pissed it was left out: and I am mostly pissed about this because it would have taken possibly two more seconds of the movie, why didn't they show the memorial for the Potters house or the grave properly? Two seconds people, two seconds.

And, what should have been left unsaid: "I want to bury him properly, without magic" ...Umm, Harry in the book didn't cognitively think that he wanted to do it without magic, it was just his nature. He thought it was the only way, not an alternative. If he had just done it, and someone else had commented it wouldn't have seemed pretentious, I think the only thing about Daniel being Harry is that he is too pretentious for me sometimes. Only sometimes, I do really like him.

And there you have it, I loved the movie, I am seeing it again tomorrow and again on Monday. Sorry, but it's my thing.

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  1. Harry and Hermione NAKED MAKE OUT?! WTF! Can't wait to see it :)

  2. OMG!!! THAT MOVIE WAS SOOO AWESOME! I'm glad we always go and see these movies together. It makes my life

  3. "why do CG Harry and Hermione have to naked make out?" WHAT? YESSSS, I MUST SEE THIS. I've always been a fan of Harry x Hermione. :o I was sad the way things turned out. :(

    "And there you have it, I loved the movie, I am seeing it again tomorrow and again on Monday. Sorry, but it's my thing." Wow, you're rich and crazy, lol.

  4. First of all, it's nice to know there are other people out there who share this obsession.

    Ok...I completely agree with everything you have to say about the 6th movie. It was by far, one of my least favorites. There were too many loose ends flying around, things that were fully explained in the book and never even addressed in the movie. Really irritating!

    But, movie #7...WOW! I absolutely LOVE the Weasley family. And I'm a huge fan of the twins...but buff Ron looked pretty hot this time around. I was impressed.

    All in all, #7...pretty good! As long as part 2 lives up to expectations (and I'm almost sure it will)this whole thing can end with me being happy and content. Because, like you said, I'm getting to old for this crap.