Tuesday, November 16, 2010

are you surprised that bloggers want a book? me either.

My brain is full of boogers and I can't think clearly. All I know is that the votes are in and it looks like I have got to find a book to give you lovelies... and the good news is that I've got a lot of interesting reading tastes. A lot.

Actually, I don't know if that's good news or not.

My seesta suggested I give away The Diary of Adam and Eve, because it's one of the most profound love stories I've ever read... which is saying something because I've read Twilight and A Tale of Two Cities...

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

I did like Twilight, but too bad for you I won't be giving it away. Sorry, I know it's all you wanted.

The main reason I love Adam and Eve so much is because it feels like a real relationship to me, no fluff, no side stories. Its Just Adam. And Eve. That's all there was. The book is witty and comical (duh, Mark Twain is brilliant) and at the end you know that love is real and people feel it, for a reason, every single day.

So, I've got thinking and deciding to do, and because I almost have snot coming out my ears and I don't want to decide right now. I also don't want to start the giveaway today, I'm thinking if I start it tomorrow then end it the day before thanksgiving that would give the winner something awesome to look forward too aside from awkward conversation with people they only see a few times a year.

I won a book once and when I got the tweet that I won I about pissed my pants... classy, I know. And it was just a book I didn't even know I'd like. I guarantee you'll love whichever book I decided to give away, I may even send you a zebra cake or something with it. Two of my favorite things, really crappy quality but highly delicious cake and a book. God, do I love you guys or what?

ps: still gotta check on those international shipping rates, so not sure if it's just my U.S. readers or not, forgive my laziness. The boogs, they are getting to me.


  1. i removed my post because it was mistyped. what it was supposed to say was " i am an idiot. how do i get in on this? "

  2. I should give away my Twilight. I ended up with it, because someone else ended up with it.

    I read 10 pages of it by random.

  3. Did you just mention a fucking zebra cake?! Either you've been stalking my blog OR we're soul mates. Just holler at me after the boogers are gone.

    Also, I must win this zebra cake. Oh, and the book too.



    I dont think a Zebra cake is allowed in this Country. (unfortunately)
    Can't wait for this giveaway!