Friday, December 10, 2010

five no-go's

I'm rarely looking for ideas for things to blog about. My life, it's so damn interesting. But, really, I do read a lot of interesting things because although I am fantastically creative and dynamic... okay, I'm done. I read a lot of blogs. I don't read every single blog by every person I follow, I just read a lot of them. Because, well, I'm "working" for 8 hours a day and while I may actually do some work, I have a lot of free time because I'm here when you need me, and also when you don't.
roads sucked today, in case you were curious.

Basically I read a lot of stuff; and although I think of good things to write about often, I wanted to borrow an idea from someone else. I think it's super applicable to my life since I'm looking for a future husband on the internet via a dating site and I am having trouble with one in particular because I know that bad parts about him... but I am not making any decisions about it.

Indecision, thy name is Denise.

So, over at Kissing and Disasters, the gals are coming up with things that the Millionaire Matchmaker is making her clients come up with. I have heard of the show, but never seen it myself, because well, I hate commercials enough to never watch TV. Netflix has really revolutionized how I am entertained.

List of things you have to do before you can start dating (match dot com should make people answer these questions) according to whoever it is that writes anonymous blogs...

5 things you have to ask yourself before dating someone. 
5 things that you need to question when you meet someone new.
5 things that bring up red warning flags
5 things that are important enough for you to dump the father of your future beautiful children b/c they don’t agree with. (okay, that one may have been stretching the point a bit)

I haven't decided what all of these are exactly asking, but I'll decided later, possibly in this post, possibly not. I don't like to be committed to things so stop bugging me. I kid, you're more than welcome to tell me what you think stuff means, like if you watch the show or something and have a clue what to do... or if you're just smarter than I am.

So.... I'll start with 5 things that bring up red flags, because I have 5 that I know of off the top of my head. And, just like every other list I make these are in no particular order.

1. Likes Rap, like really really likes it. Rap is funny when you look at it as a joke, but as a serious form of musical flag!

2. Won't tell people we met on the internet. There is nothing wrong with the internet, it's here all my friends live, and lying isn't something I feel like doing to your parents when I meet them. If we met online we met online. I'll shut that awkward conversation up real quick and you don't really need a romantic "how did you two meet?" reenactment if people know you were in no sweat pants eating cheese cubes and drinking wine from a box while you opened your inbox to a message from the future Mr. Potter.

That's right, he is the future Mr. Potter because I have a better last name, guarantee it.

3. Doesn't like to read. I don't care if it's a particular website you have a crush on, the news paper, my blog, books, whatever; you have to read something. And you have to do it for the pleasure of it all. Someone who doesn't read probably doesn't enjoy other smart things that I love like Radio Lab or The Big Bang Theory. And if we don't share any interests... red flag

4. Bites his nails. This just grosses me out. So... red flag

5. Has a kid... I can't imagine the responsibility of a kid, especially one that isn't my own mistake, I mean miracle... (yea, sure I do) Children are wonderful, but I don't want to date a guy who has a connection to an ex forever because of a person that they are responsible for making and rearing. Not interested. red flag

Now, there are other things that I came up with, but I think those were more of deal breakers than red flags because a red flag can be gotten around. You see, I love that people are all different and finding out their little bits that make them who they are (and make me attracted to them for being special) is one of the great parts about meeting someone and dating them. But, you can only have so many red flags before I decide that there aren't enough good things to keep me interested.


  1. Neat exercise. I met my bf on Craigslist, and we are both proud of it!! (LOL, partly because we are cheap asses and never paid for a dating serivce)

    BTW- We are both pretty obsessed w/ Millionaire Matchmaker, you should kind of check it out..


  2. One for me was always guys that used 'u' instead of 'you' or '2' instead of 'too'. I kind of immediately feel a person that uses 'u'or '2' is less intelligent.

    That might make me a bad person. But seriously.

  3. I thought that red flags were something that makes a person's character seem questionable. Biting nails seems more like a bad habit than a red flag to me, and music taste is a personal preference (though taking gangsta rap too seriously could be a red flag, as that might mean that the person is in a gang). Having a kid may not be a red flag, depending on the circumstance, though in many cases it can be a red flag. Doesn't like to read (which usually means "can't read") and doesn't tell people where you two met are definite red flags, and in the latter case I'd consider that a complete deal breaker.

  4. I'm with Chels. Also, drinks whiskey at breakfast. Yes this has happened to me before. No, thanks, sir.

  5. i bite my nails, have 2 kids and am entertained enough by rap music that i genuinely enjoy it. does this mean im out?

  6. "I hate commercials enough to never watch TV."

    Hey, me mother fuckin too! I HATE commercials.

    Good list of red flags! Best of luck finding Mr. Right (NOW).

  7. Damn I bite my nails, lol. Thumbs up on the other stuff though. :)

    And @robofthesky, those are just personal red flags for her; obviously wouldn't be the same for everyone as it depends on your preferences and what you weigh as important or unimportant. ;)

  8. If your date likes red flags, that's a red flag.

  9. I'm with you on most of these. Also, I totally agree with Chels. You most likely have a qwerty keyboard. Quit being lazy.

    Oh, lazy is a HUGE red flag.

  10. "Bandwagoning" in that I agree with Chels also. Inability to be self-sufficient is a key one for me. Save it for your mama, mama's boy.
    Oh and my boyfriend and I are admittedly TOO into Big Bang Theory and reading. Lucky for him. If not, a third strike and he'd be out.
    One last thing- I like the new look on your blog!

  11. I'm totally with you on #5. I don't want my own, so why on earth would I want to deal with someone else's?

    Millionaire Matchmaker is weird, and sometimes really uncomfortable to watch. I keep finding instances of woman-against-woman sexism, especially when Patti asks women to dress a certain way for her events, and it always ends up looking really cheap and trashy. And sometimes what she teaches her clients is a little too old-fashioned for my taste.

  12. I immediately delete the people who have "Willing to Lie About How We Met." Well guess what d-bag? I'm not.