Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my first "blog game" I feel special.

Blogging is seriously one of my favorite activities. I think it's one of the most unique ways to have a friend because you can be as selfish as you want. You talk about what you want when you want and you don't have to listen to anyone if you don't want to. You can read things from weeks ago when you have the time for it and you can do it with no pants on. Blog relationships are some of the best I've got going right now, and I hope that I can keep this up as my life continues to change, because although I may not read every single word, I read a lot, and I love the blogs I do for the similarities I share with the writers, and the differences that mean I can learn from. I know I'm not alone in saying that when you read something someone else wrote that you yourself have thought it's like nothing else. knowing you're not alone, seeing yourself in someone else is a huge relief, and an amazing thing.

Not all blogs are good, and not all are good initially. Sometimes you have to read a lot to find out how the person writes and find where you connect with them. Another aspect of blogging. I love having the ability to go back and read through someone journey. It's meaningful in ways that talking to someone about their past isn't. You see who they are when they were it, not who they are now talking about it. It's different. And it's unique. And I love it.

There are rare cases where I find someone I instantly love to read, and one of the girls I recently found I was so excited to follow her and read the goodness that she writes. I even wrote on her 20sb wall and and requested her friendship because I liked her stuff. A lot.

Her name is Ayan, and she blogs Midnight in Love. And she officially invited me to partake in the first blog game I've ever been asked to partake in. Gotta love it.

I guess the first part of playing a game is learning the rules. I'll state them for you. I, being "tagged", now get to answer questions asked of me by the tagger. When I'm done I ask 8 questions of 8 other bloggers and they do the same.

1. If you could travel anywhere, all expenses paid and everything included, where would you go?
This is hard because my first answer was Hogwarts... and then I remembered Harry Potter isn't real and had to come up with another answer. Then I remembered I'm a total geek and would love to explore Rome, because I loved Latin class, and my favorite part was the history. I also love noodles, so being in Italy would be a great way for me to get that need satisfied.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, and yes, but mostly no. My mother loved me the moment she set eyes on me, but I'm pretty sure she loved me before that. I fell in love with a kitten last weekend, and it was instantaneous. I'm positive he loved me back too. I want a kitten more than anything right now. I miss his little face.

As for romantic love I'm not sure if it's possible. I know you can detect chemistry instantly. I joke that I met my soul mate in a McDonalds drive through and although I'm positive it wouldn't have lasted I wish I had gotten at least his name. I was so infatuated with him I had to catch my breath before I could drive away. Remembering him is like a dream, and he and I probably have nothing in common, but that doesn't change the fact that we had chemistry. If I were to ever have sex with someone I just met, it would have to feel like that. That was 3 years ago and I still kick myself for not talking to him. We both knew what was happening, his eyes lit up with a fire that I'm sure people who believe in love at first sight would call "love at first sight"... and I know mine did too. It took my breath away. But I don't think it was love. Not real love. Not the kind that makes your heart feel so much you think it'll burst and that feeling is all you want. That person is all that matters. Love like that takes a relationship, and compatibility, and knowing each other and laughing together. It takes similar interests and morals. It takes time.

3. If you could meet someone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
J.K. Rowling. She's been to Hogwarts and she knows Harry Potter on a personal level because in a way he is her. I know that someday Harry Potter will be like LotR, something a lot of people like with great movies and is incredibly interesting... but it'll be old news. My kids won't love Harry like I do because if they do read him they won't have to wait years for the books to come out. They won't be able to dress up and go to book release parties. It won't be the biggest thing ever. That makes me sad. However, meeting J.K. would make me really happy. I know she is probably tired of talking about Harry, but I'm not and I want to know everything there is to know about him. And she is the only one who can tell me.

4. Name your favorite movie, favorite TV show and favorite song {of the moment }.
Movie: The Dark Knight, this has been my fave since it came out. I love the darkness of it, it's good in a way a lot of movies aren't and Batman is super in a way a lot of heroes aren't. I know that every single actor makes the movie great, without any of them there is no way it would work... my favorite being Gary Oldman, I love that guy. His voice is what does it for me. If he were to do voices for audio books I would listen to them to go to sleep. His voice and Alec Baldwins are my favorite (Liem Neeson, love his voice too).

Which brings me to TV show: 30 Rock. I can't not love it; seriously comedic genius. I only watch a few shows and 30 Rock is one of them. Liz Lemon frequents my thoughts and her ability to be completely awkward and hilarious gives hope to girls like me who cant seem to drink something without spilling it, eat something without having it fall out of my mouth, walk across a room without tripping, or have a conversation without needing to put my foot in my mouth at least once. My favorite thing she ever said: " I one laughed at a blind person eating spaghetti"... don't judge me

Favorite song of the moment is It's Been a Long Day by Rosi Golan. I don't know if it's so much my favorite as a song I can relate to a lot right now. Of all time my favorite song is Every Valley by Handel I love almost everything from him. I've only sang a fraction of his pieces, but they are wonderful, and powerful. And that's what I look for in music, power and feeling.

5. Did you ever leave Facebook or thought of leaving it?
I think about leaving Facebook all the time. Mundane status updates, endless photos showing off how exciting a person’s life is, the disgusting "baby, I love you" every 5 minutes... Why haven't I deleted it? Because I don't want to lose the only form of contact (or potential contact, let’s not joke here) I have with a lot of these people and I don't want to fall off the face of the planet in case someone wants to find me. Remember the guy from question 2? I don't keep my facebook for him, but if a potential love wants to facebook stalk me I don't want to take that option away from him.

6. What are your beauty staples?
uhh... my smile :)

Products though: I require truck loads of chapstick, that's the only thing I need.

Because of my depression I've noticed I wear makeup a lot less, and getting dressed up almost makes me feel worse about myself. But when I do put makeup on I'm thankful for the mineral makeup I just bought from Mary Kay... expensive stuff, but it makes my skin look amazing. It covers the redness, doesn't hide my freckles (gotta show the Irish!) and makes everything look really smooth. I also love the mousse foundation I found for a dolla at the Acme. For my eyes I just use regular pencil liner because I think it's easiest to smudge into the lash line and it looks more subtle that way, I'm all about subtlety and natural beauty. For the lashes which are almost nonexistent I curl them with a curler then use lash blast in the orange tube. I use some bronzer and a light pink blush. That's pretty much it.

7. Sauna or jacuzzi/hot tub?
Hot tub. Saunas make me feel like my chest is closing and I can't breathe, I think hot water is a gift from the Lord. I love it, no contest there.

8. What is your life's motto?
The most important lessons you learn are the ones you teach yourself.

Now, my questions:
1. What do you lose most often? Your phone? Your keys? Your mind...? And where is it usually hiding.
2. What was your first job? Did you like it? And what was one thing you learned from it you still use in your current big(er) person job?
3. Favorite book(s)?
4. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
5. What's your favorite thing about me? (ha ha ha, I have to ask, I'm a curious lass)
6. Cats or dogs? What's your favorite? Why? If neither, what is your favorite pet type animal?
7. Does it annoy you that all these are multi part questions? Kidding, real question: Any tattoos? Attach a photo if you're brave.
8. What is one skill you don't have that you’d like to learn?
Now the tagging.

Jenelle @ Just Jenelle

And one more because I'm different and I know him and we were texting yesterday during glee (about something other than glee, I know, insane) Dustin @ Dustin's Online Journal

Let me know if and when your answers are up because I'd like to read them, obviously.

I encourage you to answer the questions (or some of them) in my comments. I am interested in answers, it's all in good fun (especially number 5...)  and wanted to tag about a million more of you people but restrained myself and only did 1 extra. So answer, and lets jump on this cow and ride it... or something that a normal person would say.


  1. I'm just gonna deduce that you like Harry Potter...?

    30 Rock I can get behind. I love it and how insanely quotable it is.


  2. Omg thank you!! That really means a lot seriously!!!! :)

    Me and you share another thing in common; I adore Harry Potter; I have all the books in English, French and Spanish although I barely understand Spanish.

    I love all of your answers really!!! I'm so glad you found my blog because I love, love love reading yours :)

  3. wow great answers!! esp the harry potter ones hahahaha i believe i joined the facebook group "fuck this, i'm going to hogwarts"


  4. Wow, I feel so special, my "blog" is infamous #9 :DDDDDD <3 lol.

    "I have all the books in English, French and Spanish..." Wow, lol, and I thought I liked Harry Potter... damn.

    I like the new blog look btw, feels bright and warm. :P

    My favorite part of your answers was, "but if a potential love wants to facebook stalk me I don't want to take that option away from him." That made me laugh.

    Oh and sorry about texting you during glee >.> I didn't know!! Thanks for the advice though. ;)

    P.S. I usually don't use smileys quite this much... guess I'm in a smileys mood. o_O

    I'll post my answers as soon as I can.

    'Night Denise.

  5. Aw, thanks for tagging me!

    I totally feel you on the HP stuff. We have so much in common!

    And you don't need too much makeup, you're beautiful just the way you are.


  6. I couldn't agree more on the top part of your post. Harry Potter is pretty amazing too.

  7. dude, i'm currently in edinburgh and i've been stalking, almost literally STALKING, the elephant house, hoping JK will show up for a random visit to the place she spent so much time writing harry potter. i'm glad to have found another fan!

  8. Denise this is so cool, I will most definitely partake! Do I post my answers here, or in a post on my blog page? :)