Friday, September 17, 2010

quick conversation

eating peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets

Me: what is it about peanut butter that destroys gum?

David: You're chewing gum?

Me: ... not any more

David: ...

Me: You still haven't answered my question. And why are you looking at me like that?

David: You know. *walks away*

It's a wonder I still have people who want to spend time with me. Happy Friday.


  1. Lol you're like my best friend! Super random :)
    P.S: I tagged you in a game :) Come see

  2. where did the peanut butter go? I was gleefully excited to hear about peanut butter :)

  3. It's things like that, that MAKE me want to hang out with you! :P David just doesn't!

  4. i'm still stuck on "peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets"....???? ^_^

  5. ahaha love the randomness. I had no idea peanut butter could destroy gum. When i was younger someone said to me that gum gets stuck in your body and wraps around your heart. I think they were fibbing! But just incase i might eat some peanut butter to dissolve it!