Monday, September 27, 2010


I went to a high school football game this weekend, not my high school, but a high school. It brought back all sorts of memories of marching band and weekly football games, either freezing or sweating my balls off in my polyester uniform, never a comfortable evening. Crushes on boys who played the tuba and getting to hold their mouthpiece as we danced in... oh band.

Nostalgia is interesting. Bitter sweetness isn't what I used to think it was. It's more of a "I'm glad that I thought that was super fun then, because now I wouldn't dream of doing that, let alone enjoying it." I wouldn't go back to high school again for anything.

I got most of my car fixed for $134, there is just a bit more that needs done (coolant flush, which will cost $45 and I am probably going to go get it done after work today). However, something new has presented itself, and when I'm sitting at a light it shakes and it feels like it's trying to go (no idling is what David called it) and I called the mechanic guy and he'll probably come by some time today and look at things. Once in a while I catch a break, maybe it'll just be a loose something or other and it'll be a quick fix. I just don't know what I'm looking for, so I can't tell you anything more than it's just shaky and not good. Typical girl answer, I'm aware.

I filled out another profile and I can't decide if I should pay for it or not... especially since I have gained a lot of weight with the stress eating and depression lack-of-any-motivation-to-do-anything. I sort of want to lose 20 lbs then go on there full force. I want to be healthy mentally as well as physically. The problem is that there are some handsome gents who emailed me and I want to read them. I think that even if I don't meet them initially the ego boost would be nice... but do I want to pay $19.99 a month for a steady ego boost? Possibly.

My birthday is in a little over a month... and since 22 is supposedly one of the most disappointing birthdays ever I'm not sure what to do. Ideas would be lovely.

PopTarts have a new flavor, pumpkin pie. I have one in my desk waiting for me to get hungry and eat it. I hope it's good. If it is the possibilities are going to be endless. I'll make my own pumpkin pie blizzards... I'll be a happy winter season.

And since It'll be short I'm going to knock down day 11

Something people seem to compliment you the most on

I figured a picture would do.


  1. Wait a minute.... you don't HAVE balls to sweat/freeze off!

    I say pay for the ego boost. I mean, if it's money you can spend you can at least be thinking about what sort of person you are looking for, even if you aren't ready to actually date yet, right? You are never going to be perfectly mentally healthy, or the perfect weight, or the perfect anything besides the perfect YOU. Might as well start looking.

    /cheesy but true

  2. Oo, I'm going to have to buy those Pop Tarts for my husband. Fun!

    Maybe you should try It's free!

  3. I've heard good things about dating websites from a few of my friends, so I say go for it. And I agree with whispererofboys, you just need to say fuck it all and be confident and go for it, because even though I only know you very little through your writing, you truly seem like a wonderful person that a lot of guys out there would be interested in. So go for it! And let us know how it goes :)

  4. If you don't want to pay there is also Plentyoffish(dot)com
    I don't think its as effective as but its free.
    Too bad I don't eat pop tarts anymore (damn brokeness and unwilling to spend on wants instead of needs) my favorite pie is Pumpkin and sweet potato I would be all over that!