Friday, September 10, 2010

how my texts turn really dirty, really fast

I love T9, it saves me so much time. No I don't have an on screen key board, or even a pop out one. I'm not into that, I like to text with one hand, while I'm driving, or at night with my eyes closed...

This is how I accidentally send really awkward texts, and in response lose a lot of friends.

'Are you dating her, or just want to be dating her?' became 'Are you eating her, or just want to be eating her?' Because according to T9 eating is a more commonly used word than dating...

"I don't care that much' became "I don't barf that much" because I had to add barf to my dictionary recently and it decided since it was important enough for me to add it it is now the most important option.

'Harry Potter' is 'Happy routs' if I don't pay attention.

'don't' becomes 'foot' if I forget the apostrophe.

'bumming it' became 'cumming it' once, and I felt like an idiot. A gross sticky idiot.

The bad news is that skynet is out there, disguised as T9. The good news is that I don't barf that much since it's still pretty stupid.


  1. Those are really funny! I haven't had T9 in a while, but mine always selected the words I didn't want. And didn't was my most common misspelled word b/c I didn't use ' while texting.

  2. Honestly, I don't think I could use a phone that doesn't have a slide-down qwerty keyboard like the motorolla droid or droid 2. I can text way faster and more accurately and easier than I could with a virtual keyboard. I've never liked T9 type things because I don't think a computer system can reliably predict what I want to say in a message to someone. -_- Even if it can, I would doubt it and it ends up being slower than me just texting out what I want to say. When I text while driving, I just slide down the qwerty keyboard and hold it with both hands at 12 o'clock and use both thumbs to do the text message while my wrists control the steering wheel, if that makes sense. Though I personally try to avoid texting while driving. :P Idk, that's just what I'm into though I guess. I just don't generally like those prediction things because of bad past experiences I guess. But yeah, those are some pretty dirty messages, lol, keep up the good work.

  3. Ah, good old T9. I have predictive text now, so I shall regale you with a tale of a T9 conversation.

    Friend: My mom is visiting so she bought some groceries for her stay.

    Me: Yes, I love mom hand nuts.

    Friend: Ew.


  4. That's a hilarious. You've heard of sleep talking, but what about sleep texting?! Scarily I went through a phase of sending messages to people in my sleep. Thankfully they were all crazy and mostly just a random collection of letters, but still! My phone now resides in a drawer, in a different room when I got to bed!