Saturday, September 18, 2010

gleek allert

I don't know how many times I've vocalized this but since I'm sure I haven't blogged about it it doesn't matter.

I love Glee. Obviously. I am human after all. I not only love the juicy high school drama and the "finding yourself" aspect of most of the characters so far, but the music. Really that's what keeps me.

Home is my favorite, Kristin Chenoweth is my favorite.

                   I dare you to watch that and not get goose bumps. 

But what isn't my favorite is the writers apparent disregard for basic math skills.

Final episode: 4 judges, 3 teams. New directions looses.

This is not possible.

Sue voted for them, that means there are three judges left to vote.

If Vocal Adrenaline (who didn't have that much "vocals" in their final performance...) got all three votes from the other judges New Directions would have come in second

If Vocal Adrenaline only got 2 votes from the other judges and the other team whose name escapes got one that would mean New Directions, who got one also, tied for second.

There is no way they got last if Sue voted for them, and she did. I saw her write it. F-you Glee people. Stop pissing me off. I hate that I love you! I want to love that I love you.

Next year starts Tuesday night, and per usual I'll be glued to the tube.


  1. Anyone who doesn't love Glee doesn't have a soul.

  2. im so embarrassed to admit im a gleek...

  3. Glee gives me goosebumps a lot!