Tuesday, March 8, 2011

la la la love is in the air! and my life is pretty good.

I know that as soon as I publish this post, something crappy will happen, but for now I don't care.

Basically things are pretty awesome.

I got into nursing school! How rad is that? I knew I was going to get in; I was 98.99% sure, but there was that itty bitty part of me that was still nervous (and, thank you Celexa for making that nervousness bearable) so I tried not to talk about it. But, now that I've gotten in, I can sing it from the roof tops.

I'm going to be a nurse by this time 2013, and I am going to make good money, have a good job, and be able to live somewhere that doesn't involve a crying baby or my mother who still won't leave. If you get sick you can ask me stuff and (although I usually can nurse my friends back to health properly) I will be able to heal you, like for real.

The most important thing I'm looking for with this is to have a job that makes me feel good about myself. I want to wake up every day and know I am having a positive effect on the world, and that I help people. People need helped; I want to be the one helping them.

Kyle and I are through, officially. Friday I sent him a text with all the reasons why I couldn't be his friend or really have him in my life at all. He agreed with all my reasons, he said he was really sorry he couldn't be the person I knew he could be if he just tried, and he wished me well.

I still think about him a lot, and I have had a few moments where I really wanted to text him and tell him something, but his number is out of my phone. I'm proud of myself for making this decision. I am proud to know that while i may have had love like feelings for someone, I was able to keep my head about things and see what was bad for me. Then, I was also able to cut it out of my life, because I am stronger than my emotions.

Ellen says that it made sense that I still loved really liked him (despite my feelings for Tom); we had so much "clicky-ness" that being with him was one of the easiest things I'd ever done.

I'm proud of myself for letting him go though, because Tom is a great guy, and letting my heart do what I want it to do makes everything easier, even if Tom takes a bit more work than Kyle.

I met Tom's parents over the weekend, and his little sister and brother. I am pretty sure they liked me, except Tom told them I am a democrat and I don't think they were too happy about that; the room got all tense and quiet. It seemed like they were looking to start a debate with me, for me to prove to them why I was a democrat so they could all gang up on me and smash me down.

Because I hate fighting more than anything and am a master of humor, I made light of the situation, told a joke, and made the conversation move on in a totally different direction. I will never talk to them about politics, ever. Just like I try to avoid that conversation with Tom as much as I can.

No person is perfect, and since governing bodies are run by humans I do not expect radical changes instantly or really ever. The system takes time to find balance, and since republicans did such a botched job when GB was in office, I think that giving the democrats a chance to figure out a new plan rather than bashing every minute decision any of them make is a good idea. Human nature is what's wrong with this country (and any governing body for that matter), not democrats or republicans.

I will be honest with you all: if it could work, I'd be happy to live in a communist society. However, read any book from my 10 Honors English class and you'll learn that no matter how perfect the idea, we as humans cannot execute it properly because power and money corrupt, which is why I am a democrat; I would like the government to take control of the shit we keep messing up (insurance, health care, failing economies. Because a lot of people forget that this is no longer the industrial revolution; it's the age of information, and therefore make stupid decisions based on that forgetting... ) and give us the rights republicans won't give us or try to take away (legal abortions, gay marriage, and sadly, more recently the crap with planned parenthood).

Yes, printing money is beyond stupid and we are going to see the negative effects of that very soon, yes people shouldn't have voted for a president based on the fact that they both have dark skin, yes, the health care bill was such a joke no one should have even thought it was a plausible (or possible) solution to the problems we face with insurance companies (slash big drug companies) concerning fair pricing and who can or can't afford decent coverage, but I think that in order to find the right solution you're more likely than not to mess up a few times, and that with issues as big as we're facing, I doubt any one thing would fix it.

America has been the world power that it is for a really long time, even Rome fell... nothing lasts forever and accepting change and trying to figure out how and what will happen is a lot smarter than shoving your heels in the ground because you don't like the decisions of the people who your fellow citizens elected into office.

This turned into something far more political than I intended; forgive me, thou must.

Back to good things,

Bobby is 23 today which means I'm getting old... every time he has a birthday I have a mini identity crisis because he is only a little bit (eight months) older than I am and I am old. But, this year I don't care. I'm on my way to nursing school, I'm not freaking out about not accomplishing anything of worth in my measly 20+ years on this planet, I actually feel amazing about myself. We'll see if I still feel this way come my actual birthday.

Tom... Tom Tom Tom. I am so into this bloke it almost has to be bad for me. I love his voice, and when I hear it on the other end of the phone my heart beats faster. Knowing I am going to be seeing him makes the troubles and irritants of they day matter so much less. Kissing him, oh my God kissing him... can someone be so in love with kissing someone else nothing besides the kiss matters? Tom is by far the best kisser I've ever snogged with. I'm happy, and the moment I decided to rid my life of Kyle it was like me heart opened up and all I wanted to fill it was Tom.

Have I sufficiently grossed you out yet?

Basically he is awesome, and I can't get enough of him.

Friday I get to see Thoroughly Modern Millie for the first time ever because Andi is in the pit at some high school in the middle of nowhere... but it'll be cool. I love the music (it's based of a girl in the twenties who is thoroughly modern... very very cute). I love musicals.

And, last but not least, my nephew is effing hilarious and I love him so so much. We have started him on solid(ish) food and watching him eat is so comical. He is the personification of nom nom nom-ing and once I figure out how to do it I'll show you a funny video of him eating.


  1. NURSING SCHOOL! Mazel tov! This is so exciting. And I don't know HOWWW you're dating a Repub, but I'm so glad it's going well. <3

  2. oh my GOSH!!! CONGRATULATIONS for nursing school! I am so excited for you! I applied this year as well, and didn't get in anywhere- it's so competitive! That is such a huge accomplishment!

    Sing on, girl!

  3. Congratulations in getting into nursing school and I wish you the best of luck with your new relationship and that is going so well!

  4. Wow congratulations on nursing school go you :)

    You are gonna love Thoroughly Modern Millie :)

  5. WOO! Congrats on nursing school!

    I've gotta say, I totally love vicariously living through your dating stories. Good times, eh! ;)

  6. Congrats on getting into nursing school!! That's awesome and I wish you the best of luck :) And you're NOT old! I'm 25, I still feel like a kid compared to a lot of the people I meet. I think I'll feel old when I turn 30, though.

    I agree with everything you said about the political stuff, and I can't believe they're trying to shut down PP. That's scary. I thought we were living in the United States, not some theocratic dictatorship (the dictator being Fox News).

  7. "Human nature is what's wrong with this country." Human nature and republicans.

    Just kidding! Sort of!

    Well done on getting into Nursing School! You'll make a great nurse!

  8. I find your political beliefs interesting. I agree with most of em, except that I do like the new healthcare laws (of course, I have benefited from the reform because I was able to get back on my parents health insurance). Also, America has only been the lone superpower since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

    Anyway, congrats on getting into nursing school.

  9. 1. Congrats on getting into nursing school. Almost makes me wish I had some rare disease for you to diagnose!
    2. I wouldn't worry about the whole politics thing too much. Soon, robots will control the world anyway. I will be working on them as you read this.
    3. I'm old, you're not. Hang onto those lovey-dovey feelings, and you'll never be old. (for some reason, I really enjoyed reading them, so thanks!)

  10. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Excellent decision making, I love it.