Friday, March 11, 2011

I just found the most spectacular man smell

While perusing a magazine, because I'm so damn productive sometimes and those Macy's boys do something for me, two perfume sample papers fell out.

One was a Paris Hilton one, I threw that away, it smelled like a child's splash that would come with a Barbi doll.

The other... the other, oh my word, it's from heaven. I've been smelling it every few minutes or so when it wears off my scarf, which I accidentally rubbed it on but it works because it's right by my face and I am (almost) aroused by the smell alone.

It's like a dream. I can envision my future husband smelling like this... I adore it.

I may have just ordered some from Amazon... not for anyone in particular (although, giving it to Tom might make me fall in love with him and his birthday is coming up... ). If you get the chance to go sniffing and find this, smell it. You'll be in love so hard.


  1. :) I'm going to seek this out and then force it on the boyfriend.

  2. Must find this. I love hot man smells!