Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I want life insurance for my birthday

I'm old, like really old. I'm 21 years old....

And I work for State Farm.

My birthday isn't till the end of October, but I've already been thinking about what I want to do this year since I don't have to drink my life away and I'm a real adult now.

Since I'm born on the 29th of October Halloween parties usually coincide with my birthday celebrations and I usually get brushed under the rug. This is fine as long as you buy me a present. I'm such a geek that last Halloween I played Dungeons and Dragons (no costumes sadly, none of the guys I play with think my cutsey suggestions are worth anything... they suck). My birthday is on the Friday of Halloween weekend this year so I'll go somewhere and basically bust a nut all over the city and call it a trip.

However, I'm getting freaking old. I usually ask my parents for one bigish thing and since they no longer provide anything for me I feel legit in asking them for said big thing. I have, in the past, gotten things like new glasses, an oil change and a gas gift card, my car insurance paid for, an opal ring (although I didn't ask for that one, it's beautiful though). This year I want life insurance. Whole life insurance.

tip from someone who knows, unless you plan on dying in the next 10 years NEVER BUY TERM LIFE. It'll shoot up at the end of your term and it'll all be wasted because you probably won't be able to afford it anymore. Buy whole life with paid up additions (basically any cash value you earn will go toward buying you more life insurance...) if you're confused I'm sorry. Ask your agent.

My parents bought my older sister life insurance when she was born and have been paying for it for 23 years... neither me or my little sister got any. I want my parents  to buy me life insurance and pay on it for a bit.  

More Birthday wish lists to follow, since my it's about a month away.


  1. The Boyfriend and I decide one big thing we want for Christmas every year, then ask everyone for gift certificates toward that thing. A dyson vacuum cleaner, a new tv, stuff that we would normally not afford ourselves, but wanted. I think it's the best way to do holidays!

  2. i thought i was getting real old throughout my twenties but the closer i got to 30 it felt good...and i'm happy to be getting older...there is something magical about it even though people think it's a "bad" thing...it totally isn't...happy early birthday love...thanks for sticking with me:)

  3. Why would you want life insurance? To get the money, you have to die! Ask for something cool, like a puppy or bicycle.

  4. I feel old as well. Once I got to 21 I realised I had to be a real person. Or at least attempt to become one...slowly.

    I've not thought about getting life insurance though; so perhaps that teenage idea of being invincible still retains. I shall avoid roads and be alert to any disasters in the meantime.

  5. Love your blog! I will be following now especially since we have the same birthday! I'll be 29 though :(

  6. Wow, that's something I need to start thinking about too... Life Insurance... Anyways, I think it's a legit gift to ask for.

  7. My birthday is on Halloweenish weekend too. November 3rd. I definitely get washed under the rug and people are ALWAYS late to my halloween parties. This year I'm boycotting it and refuse to invite any of my crappy friends that spoiled my last few birthdays by showing up so late and not giving a damn.

    My parents got my life insurance when I was a baby... kinda scary because they got it for my brother too, and he passed away when he was 22, and that life insurance was a huge relief on our family during a hard time... sad story yes, but the reality of why life insurance is important to have.