Monday, December 6, 2010

My Christmas youshouldbuythesethingsforpeople List

I should have posted this stuff before Cyber Monday, but I didn't, and for that I'm sorry.

I love giving gifts, that is literally my favorite part about the holiday. That, and copious amounts of good food. Getting things is fun, but I can basically buy myself what I want (and my mother can never seem to) so, why not enjoy getting stuff for others?

For the ladies in your life I have found two awesome websites that have really nice, high quality jewelry for super cheap. I bought my mother, sisters and myself all Jewelry from this site.

I bought my sisters and I this bracelet (sorry, it is sold out, I just thought I'd show you) and it was only $25 (each) and free shipping. I'm a sucker for free shipping.

When I saw the deal I was skeptical, but I am super sensitive to metals (among other things) and silver is one thing all three of us can wear. Us Potter gals, we're sensitive ladies. So, I bought it, and it's lovely. Really lovely. Check out the site. Things change about every other day so keep looking.

The second jewelry site I shall talk about is free! Yep, and it's called They have 4 deals going on for 15 minutes each that are constantly changing and all you pay for is shipping. Not everything is cute, but, silver jewelry is nice and if you have time to watch the site a bit you can find really cute things.

Not all girls like jewelry, and, it's not always appropriate to buy them jewelry, I know that giving stuff to my friends and sisters is cool, but, you may be a boy, and if you buy a lady friend jewelry on your first Christmas together she may get expectations and we all know that the lower you set the bar in the beginning the better. Right?

So, why not get her what she really wants? A Voice Activated Wand Flashlight! I can honestly say if some guy got me something like this it'd be hard for me not to fall immediately in love with him. All joking aside, think geek is probably the best site possible for things that you never knew you absolutely needed. And I do mean needed.

I want this Cocktail Chemistry set so badly... How funny is it? I love it.

Geeks unite! And get drinky!

 Or this knife magnet? If you don't have anything better to do read the descriptions under the products, that alone is worth your time.

I bought my nephew this funny pacifier and they have tons of other cute baby stuff.

Now, another great place to get funny gifts (because, lets be honest, who wants a tie or a wallet again?) is from Fred and Friends, which can be found here, on Amazon... lots of sites, you should just look around for the best price.

Some of the stuff I really like are

Basically just know that anything that you find on either think geek or from fred and friends will be useful and pretty funny. The New Black pencils say funny things like
- Having a roommate named Mom is the new black.
- Underemployment is the new black.
- Misspelling is the new black.
- 140 characters or less is the new black.
- D.I.Y. is the new black.
- Upcycling is the new black.
- Analog is the new black.
- Tap water is the new black.
- Hand-sanitizer is the new black.
- In the red is the new black.

Got a mythbuster in your midst? What about these awesome mugs?

I want one more than anything...  Although, they are a tad expensive. This is one of those things where if I knew how to put designs on mugs I would. Because these are awesome, but not twenty five dollars awesome. Does anyone know how to decorate ceramic? I'd love to do this. Lemme know.

Have you ever ruined anything of any ones... on accident of course? Say, they asked you to throw their laundry in and their favorite shirt happened to be white and accidentally made it in with the darks, and say, maybe that you didn't think to check and washed it on warm? No? Just me?

Well, not that I am admitting to anything, but if you were looking for a place to make customised shirts this site has a lot of options, and I don't think it's that over priced. However, if you have a graphic place by you I'd go there. I called one in my city to make sure they'd to a design that was technically trade marked and she said that since it's not mass market she'd be happy to and it was about $20 which is pretty good considering the same thing online is about $40.

Or, for a fun shirt any time check out they have a user created shirt every day for $10 with free shipping. The next day the shirt is $15 so you have to check every day or pay five dollars more.

These are my recent favorites, but, like I said, a new one every day. Go forth and shop for funny shirts. 
For other daily deals and are great. There is also wine and kids woot that are all on the same page bottom right side. basically these sites are awesome all year round and people submit deals they find online for that day. Super cool.

Hope I gave you at least one good idea. If you're still stumped, cologne is always a good option. Or a sweater. I do love a guy in a sweater.


  1. I love you but you have entirely too much time on your should lend me some. Lol! Text me back so I talk to you!!!

  2. I totally think I know what you got me for christmas btw! :P

  3. I purposefully did not post anything that i got you, hahahahahaha

  4. Looking forward to checking out that jewelry site with the shipping but free products. Sounds too good to be true.

  5. Oh, Woot. At my last internship, one of the full-time staff members was so obsessed with that site, he made it his mission to make us all Woot converts.

    I admit, I'm still a hold-out. But I'm a total nut for eBates.

  6. I just feel in love with the Cocktail Chemistry Set !!!

  7. What an awesome holiday season post, I love all the geeky yet cool items for sure! :)