Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm not here today

Hello people who read this site. How are you?

I was thinking I should tell you a few things, one being I really appreciate you reading what I write, it makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside, and thanks for all the support lately. It's not easy breaking up, going through therapy, deciding you're going to try a whole new plan for finding this love this time around, and blogging about it while maintaining a steady stream of positive feedback.

I know I'm different, hence why I like to do and try and experience things differently. So, having you guys to talk to about being different and knowing you not only agree with me but are encouraged by me is wonderful.

Today, however, I'm not here. I'm here! Ramblings of a Singleton asked me to do a guest blog about the wonderful world of internet dating, and thus I am keeping it short and directing you there.

Shes been doing a long theme about dating these past two weeks and if you would like to read my favorite dating themed post read the one from yesterday too about dating the Bridget Jones way. You'll see why it's my favorite for a reason.

So, done with that, see you tomorrow possibly.

Oh, also, comment there, I'll still go read them.

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