Monday, February 28, 2011

I guess I just write a lot

Tom started a blog. I'm not going to say if I like it or not, just that it now exists and if you feel like reading it, you now know where to find it. He said he will probably write about me, and since I am god dammed hilarious in real life (so much so that I can't properly convey it through English words and such) you may get a look into that from someone who fancies me quite a bit's perspective.

I don't think he is quite used to how clumsy I really am yet. On one of our first few dates I totally ate it and fell on my ass in the parking lot. I laughed, he was embarrassed. Whatever.

Also, he and I are dating. Like, boyfriend and girlfriend, "no you hang up first" stuff. It's gross, and I love it. We watched Marley and Me (I'd never seen it and Tom wanted to see if I actually have a soul) and I cried like a little bitch. God, that movie was so sad. I want a puppy now.

Sorry men, (all one of you that read this vagina centered blog) I'm no longer on the market.

I am, however, in the market for things like people to hang out with, people who enjoy skyping (like Rob_of_the_sky *waves*) because Ellen is still in Geneva and I still miss her. Like so hard.

More plugs!! Merry, my dear friend of the real type (blog friends are real too, but she is really real. I've seen her existing and such) also has a blog that is so powerfully heartfelt and very hilarious at the same time. Also, she talks about poop and we all how important that is to me.

In high school Merry (short for Meredeth if you were confused) and I were in Beauty and the Beast together. Among towns person and other odd "Chorus" parts, I was a pillar. She was a bell. Not "Belle" but a bell; the *ding ding* type. After the transformation I was so effing bored and since I wasn't miked I had a good time with the girl who played Mrs. Potts... and by good time I mean I was really creepy and pissed her off every single time. Go me. Merry was there near me and since we'd all just "transformed" in to real people I thought commenting on people realness would be funny. I was totally right. I did this strange creeper thing with my hand I can't describe and told every one they were so real in this equally creepy voice. She and I still randomly comment on the realness of things with the creepy voice and creepy hand... this (among many many other things) is why I love heck heck out of this girl.

I'm done plugging my friends, I promise.
I want to talk about relationships though... and not just boyfriend slash girlfriend types; all types.

I have a very dear friend, his name is Andy Schueneman (BAM! Every time I spell that properly I want to high five myself, but then people look at me weird for clapping, so I do it on the inside), and aside from being part of the only family I've ever loved as much as my own, (he's Merry's brother, in case you were curious) he's truly an awesome person.

Another side not about the Schueneman's, and why I love them so much: I have a relationship with every member of the family that can coincide with the others, but is also completely unique. merry is like my other half, I love her. Em and I were amazing friends throughout most of high school (she drew quite a few fake tattoo on me during band) since she is in my grade. Andy and I tried dating over the summer, but it just didn't really happen... not a problem though, he's still a great friend. Mr. Schueneman (Max) and I went on an impromptu bike ride once when we both happened to be on the bike trail in Stow at the same time, and he and I always converse about things when I'm over there, and Mrs. Schueneman (Chris) is just an amazing hilarious woman I can't ever get enough of. Love the family, all of them.

I don't really know where I was going to go with this post... I started writing relationship advice (you know, because Tom and I have been dating for a whole three minutes and I know so much about them) but it turned out crap (the advice was good, the writing was crap). Maybe I'll work on that for and just tell you more about random things in my life that don't make sense or go together.

My sister has started reading the hunger games, and she's a whore for it now. She ordered the third book from the internet and because she has the flu she's home from work. But... she needed it today! Because she was done with the second!

So she went to Target and bought it.

She says she'll return the target one once the internet one arrives.

I doubt she won't have it done by the time the other arrives. I've been known to plow through a book when I've got the flu. Good news is that as soon as I am done with the book I picked up from the library over the weekend I'll get to start the series all bought by my sister. I love sharing books.

Teresa was texting me about how she bought the book at Target because she couldn't wait and I told her to "Keep it secret. Keep it safe," because you can't return a book that has been opened.

I love book quotes (and movie quotes) and because she is my sister she understands the crazy love of all things literature going on in my heart. We are really sisters, but if we weren't I'd say we were supposed to be sisters.

Books are cool.


  1. WE NEED TO TALK, STAT! (Yes, I AM a doctor. See all you miss out on when you don't talk to me or email me fore days!?)

  2. Penise!! Thanks for the plug, girl. Hahaha. You're a gypsy goddess and a saint. Considering you know more about saints than I do, I should tell you that I'm trying to compliment you. I love you and your blogs and your...logs? Hahaha "Chances are, five to one, she's pooping."

  3. Hooray, you acknowledged me twice! Once for being the lone male who reads the vagina centered blog and once directly!

  4. Books are cool but Marley and Me is.... manipulative! And MEAN! Don't make me love Marley so much and then KILL HIM!

    Damn. After watching it I felt like that time I watched My Sister's Keeper. Angry at being manipulated into basically spending two hours watching someone die. FUCK YOU film industry.

  5. Oh yey, I'm so excited for you that you're dating. And I love that you're totally being yourself and not caring if you fall over in front of him! Hurray! Also, Happy World Book Day!