Wednesday, February 2, 2011

there is nothing like the warm caress of a new bra

I don't think I've ever done a list of things I just love and will forever, but I feel as a blogger it's something I should do seeing as you love me and want to know me better/ be a part of my life.

I should say thank you for that.

Thank you. You're awesome. For realz.

Things I love, and will forever, for no real reason other than I do:

Falling snow or the way it looks on trees once it's fallen.
     As long as I'm not driving in it, walking through it, standing outside in it... I love snow and how beautiful it looks.

A Capella music and instrumental music.
    Sometimes one without the other tells a much more powerful story then when you put them together.

Bras. Seriously.
     I'd wear mine in the shower if I could. So comfortable. The things they do for my boobs are amazing. Underwire is from the Lord which is why I have no shame in professing my undying love for it. I ordered some from Amazon last week and two of them came in the mail yesterday and my life was completed when I put one of them on.

     I may be slightly lactose intolerant (good bye Alfredo... good bye ice cream...) but I can still drink milk, and I do. Because I love it and have forever. 2% please.

    As long as it's not so humid you can't breathe I love summer. And fall and spring. Summer is when I have the potential to not be luminescent white, it's when I can wear dresses and tuck them into my underwear (yes I really do this) so that they are super comfortable. A whole season where pants don't matter. It's love I tell ya. Oh, and swimming. And reading by the pool. And the smell of fresh cut grass. I love that smell.

The smell of fresh cut grass.

The smell of browning butter. Or mushrooms and garlic and green onions in butter.
    Good God that smell is where it's at.

    I have never slept as well as when I had flannel sheets with little white and black sheep on them. I wore a spot in the fitted one though because I rubbed my butt in the same spot for too long so I had to get grown up sheets because that's what happens when you grow up... no more flannel sheets with sheep on them. I do still have a flannel comforter though. And a pillow case left from that set. A man in a flannel shirt is a man I would like to see out of that flannel shirt. IfyaknowwhatImean

Regina Spektor.
    She is my love. I have referred to her as my girl friend for the last three years since my older sister so lovingly gave me one of her cd's for my birthday. When she sang the opening song for the one Weeds episode I about pissed my pants. Love her. SO HARD! I have to try really hard to not sing Fidelity every time I go to karaoke. That and show tunes. Show tunes make up about 80% of my repertoire.

   I don't really feel like this needs any explanation. Musicals are where it's at. Theater itself is amazing, but throw a few campy catchy songs in between dialogue I'll fall head over heels in love each and every time.

The sound of rain.
   I can sleep so well in a thunderstorm it's almost unreal. I love the sound of water falling against my window (or sitting outside and watching it, amazing).

   Books, blogs, foreign films, my kindle, recipes, road signs... okay, maybe not road signs, those tend to be boring. But I do love reading so so much.

   and of course with it goes eating. I can't help it if I'm all sorts of amazing in the kitchen.

I feel like we're closer as humans already.


  1. There is something about a new bra (new clothes in general) that really just makes me content with life. Hah.

    And road signs don't have to be boring. The stop sign outside of Mike's house said Don't "Stop" Believing. I loved it.

  2. You kind of make me giggle. Like, a lot. :D I can't wait to see your face!!!

  3. new bras are the best. also new shoes. i love shoes. when in a shoe store i experience adrenaline and shivers. i may have a problem. haha

  4. I'm trying to imagine what tucking one's dress into their underwear looks like...

    Also, I am mildly lactose intolerant, but, sometimes I get such a crazy craving for 2% that I could drink an entire gallon of it. In Korea, you don't get a choice about what % your milk is... it's just milk, and it's sweeter and creamier than 2%. It was alarming the first time I drank it/ate it with cereal.

  5. Love your list.
    I love looking at snow,the smell of fresh cut grass and looking at the rain! I might have to borrow this idea for my blog when I need something fun to post :)

  6. That's a good list.

    I make a Cajun chicken pasta that begins with browning garlic in butter and olive oil. So I know that smell!