Monday, January 31, 2011

orange jello

I think all my creative writing skills fell out of my brain this morning when I was lying in bed fighting with my will before I actually got out of bed about twenty minutes before I had to leave the house. Creative writing, why hast thou left me?

Since January first I've lost ten and a half pounds. I am becoming a whore for the gym. I go with Merry and I've gone a few times with my little sister, but I go alone too and I really enjoy it. Thirty minutes on an elliptical, walk a few times around the track, go home. I feel amazing after and I sleep so well. When Merry and I go I usually do a lot more, but it's just something nice to do that makes me feel good and look better. I think I'm going to plan on swimming once a week soon; I love to swim, and it works all your muscles and is fun. However, walking out into the frigid 14 degree weather with wet hair doesn't sound that appealing to me. Yes, I've heard for hair dryers, no I have no desire to use one more than once a day.

I need to do laundry so bad. I hate laundry... more than anything else I hate laundry. I am the girl that buys new clothes instead of washing what she has. I am not ashamed of that.

My little sister wants to learn to cook. I am pleased that I not only taught her to drive (sort of) but now will be teaching her to cook. Cooking is one of my favorite things. I'd teach anyone who wanted to learn.

Ellen being gone is starting to hit me hard. I am getting used to her absence, but my heart still aches. Last night I dreamt she and Andi both died one day apart. It was the worst dream I've had in a while. I woke up crying at least three times because every time I would fall back asleep I'd be right back in the dream and the grief was insurmountable. I used to have nightmares a lot, it was one of the things I talked to my therapist about often... since I've been less crazy I haven't really had anything that unsettling. I hope this isn't coming back. I really don't think I could live in fear of sleeping again.

Today I get to leave work early to go babysit. This is awesome for two reasons: I get to leave early and I get to be paid twice. I didn't tell my boss I was leaving and he is rarely ever here so we're good.

I like Tom. Like really like him. I could go on but I won't. Saturday night we got drunk and talked about things and watched The Never Ending Story. I also made him a chocolate cake. If you make a guy a chocolate cake and he doesn't put out you're doing something wrong.

Just like if you buy a girl something shiny. Please don't ask why girls like shiny things... it doesn't even make sense to us. But, walk us past jewelry and I bet 90% will look, and the other 9.86% will want to. (I do allow room for the occasional girl who doesn't like jewelry)

Anyways, I really like him for reasons I won't mention because he happened to find my blog and I don't want him reading this and getting a bigger head than he already has. It's weird dating someone I actually knew prior to our first date. the internet dating things has basically changed the way I look at dating. This normal way most people do it will take a little getting used to.

I may have sort of decided to pull myself off match dot com for this guy. I canceled my two dates last week... (and that guy from Fridays post was a tool. He kept sending me pictures of himself doing every day tasks... why would I want that?) This is a weird decision. Men from the internet make sense to me, I expect less and know that more likely than not they are probably at least a little bit crazy. Real life men are the ones that are over my head. Tom is proving to be interesting to say the least. And he's hilarious. And so so cute. *swoon*

While I pick my tongue off the floor and try to stop drooling let me fill you in on other fantastic things that are happening. I found my new favorite band of the moment. They are called Mumford & Sons. Look them up. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I love Mumford and Sons. I found them about last August or so, and have had them on heavy repeat since them. Absolutely great band.

    Can't wait until you start spilling deets woman, but I understand the hesitancy. I hope it continues to work out.


  2. I like that you're saying swoon like I do. :D

    Also, how did I die in your dream??? I think it's interesting in a way...but don't you worry. I'm still alive. Currently I'm sitting next to Paul and he may kill me because he thinks that I type too me!

  3. she has good taste in music, too.

  4. I have just one small piece of the puzzle: watching The Never-Ending Story while drunk. But that sounds like love to me.

  5. Love, Love, Love Mumford and Sons. I discovered them last fall and quickly became obsessed.

    Also, you make me want ot go back and watch The Never Ending Story, its been way too long since the last time I saw it.

  6. Aww, this Tom guy sounds nice! Also, what the eff? That guy was sending you pictures of him doing everyday things? Like, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, making grilled cheese, sort of everyday things? Incredibly mundane things? Possibly things you should post on the internet for us to have a giggle at??

    Congrats on losing ten and a half pounds, that's awesome!

    Also, I hate laundry as well, but will appreciate it so much more once I return to Canada. Korea doesn't have clothes dryers. It makes doing laundry take three days to a week, depending on how humid it is. It sucks. I'm going to make out with a clothes dryer when I get home.

  7. Awwww! You sound like you're falling in lust!

    I also hate drying my hair more than once a day - no need for that craziness in my life! And I also sometimes have weeks of nightmares that leave me exhausted and fearful of going to bed, so I hope you're not getting one now.


  8. M&S are the shit. I love 'dem. And I wish I could be a gym whore. I have no motivation. (My iPod doesn't work. You wouldn't be motivated either.)

  9. Just so you know...I've been a bit twitchy since you haven't posted anything AND we haven't emailed...Your love really IS my drug and the fact that you aren't giving me any is a problem...

  10. Yay for you and the gym! That's awesome! And I WISH I could be pulling off and canceling dates for someone important. Enjoy it!