Monday, January 3, 2011

yup yup yup

It's Monday, and it's a brand new year, and I am looking forward to so much more.

Over the weekend I hosted a party, which went spectacularly despite my multiple mental break downs, the fact that I started drinking at three pm and was drunk by three thirty, and a minor mishap where David and one of my friends made out while I was sleeping in his bed.

All I have to say is that my feelings were really hurt, I didn't eat for two days and sleep... well, I slept last night finally so that's all that matters.

I also told David and this friend of mine (who I really am still friends with, she's a great girl; David is just a sexy irresistible bastard who gets hotter and flirtier when mixed with the alluring booze) that they were not allowed to date.

Being in love with someone when the time isn't right and there are a lot of outside factors causing you to not be with that person is a hard cookie to chew. My friend actually said the best ting to me, she said she either hopes I'm able to move on, or that everything works out. I honestly don't think I can hope for more.

Other shit piles in my love life: Kyle, my match dot com lover, has informed me that he doesn't want to date me... he just wants to be friends with lots and lots of benefits. I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do about this because I really enjoy hanging out with him and making of the whoopie, but I met him over two months ago and we'd been talking for a whole month prior to that; I think three months is enough time fooling around to make a decision. If he's not ready to date anyone, he shouldn't have been on match dot com. I'm not here to make you less lonely, I'm here to find someone to love.

The other match dot com-er I mentioned a bit ago who was potentially wonderful, turns out to be potentially crazy and has lots of issues including a fear of abandonment, not able to take a joke (but he can sure dish them out), inability to see any given therapist for more than 2 appointments or take a prescription for more than a week, anger issues, and gets roaring drunk very often and then drives. He also loves to read, but refuses to read Harry Potter because it's "lame with magic and stuff". Obviously we aren't meant to be.

New years wasn't all bad, my older sister turned 24 yesterday and I took her and the little sister to see Chronicles of Narnia (which was awesome) and I had a blast at my party. I didn't find out about the slutty David incident till the morning, so that whole night was amazing. I woke up with three new bruises and confetti under my boob. I think that qualifies as an evening well spent.

Ellen left for her semester abroad in Geneva this morning, and I haven't cried yet but I have almost texted her three times. Not having her here is going to suck and be weird. But, good news for all of us non studying abroad types, she promised to blog about it and you can follow her here. That way we can all enjoy a country I've never been to together and stay in touch with my best friend.


  1. Denise, I kind of love you. Like, a lot. I've made it to New Jersey and already have a thousand things I need to tell you. For instance, I had to go through security twice because I'm awesome and had water in my water bottle. Go me. I had to be escorted out to dump said water in the bathroom sink and then be scanned again. Not cool.

    Come to Switzerland! I need you.

  2. Confetti boob = SUCCESS. Sorry about David. Boooo.

  3. I feel like I just discovered buried treasure! I seriously love your blog, and thats awesome you tried out, I tried out dating online several times and blogged about my horror stories of course ;)

    Great blog!


  4. I understand completely. And yeah, it's tough when it feels like the odds are against you and there are tons of outside forces interfering. But in the end, your happiness matters the most.


  5. Sorry about the boy stuff, love :(
    Hang in there, and keep posting fabulous posts!

  6. OH MY GOD! Who refuses to read Harry Potter?? That is just insanity...