Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my best friend is beautiful

I hope she doesn't kill me for this, it was too funny not to post. Now that I have a web cam and am all trendy and shit she an I have skyped twice.

Like I thought it would be, it's slightly awkward, but I love her so I'm pushing through. Seeing her face has significantly improved my life.

Also, I made her take me on a tour of her room and she held me up to the mirror. I got to see my face in Geneva! I was there, in Switzerland! Ka-razy, I know.

Basically this is a cop out post to show you that I'm cool and modern with the internet and stuff. I am also trying to avoid talking about my personal life for a while because I have some good (really good) things I'm not quite ready to reveal and I've been posting too much drama lately. Too much. I don't want to read that crap, so I won't write it anymore.

So, if you have a skype and want to be internet savvy with me just ask and I'll send you my name!  We'll be like real life friends since we basically already know everything about each other and will have heard each others voices! Maybe I'll even do a video blog or something.


  1. I love cop out posts (which Bonnie and I proved yesterday) and I love Skype! Yay for technology!

  2. I have Skype. My Skype name is Rob.of.the.Sky (real creative, I know).

  3. Omg...I'm SO UGLY!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What a horrid photo...I didn't know you took that one...I thought you took a better one... *cries in a corner in fetal position...*

    Still love you though. ;)

  4. It sort of looks like you made her cry. I'm wary of skyping with you now. I don't like to cry.

    I look forward to the good news!


  5. I already knew you were cool and modern.

    Get working on that video post!

  6. I would totally skype but it would consist of me sitting here with my dog in my lap staring blankly until i thought up a really lame joke to share. it would just be an awkward mess, at least on my end.