Tuesday, January 18, 2011

THE book

A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

There are few things I love more than reading. And, some days I love nothing more than reading. So many books make up a part of who I am because as i read them I change... I think that's the best part about a novel. By learning what the characters leaned in the same way and time the characters learned them, you become a better person. The lesson was real to you because you were there every step of the journey.

I'm going to talk about three books, that taught me three different things.

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter changed my views on reading. Before I discovered Harry, I hated reading. My parents made me read out loud to them on an almost daily basis to make sure I was doing it. I was one of those painfully sad ignorant people who made fun of the book nerds.

*I'm sorry book nerds*

Once I discovered that I just didn't really enjoy boring books (such as children's books about babysitters and clubs) and I did wait till the 4th book was out to start reading them, which is where it switched from children's to more young adult style, I was out and in the world of reading like it was my job. I plowed through them because I love it. There was no other explanation than my life was changed for the better, by Harry Potter.

2. The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones changed my views on death. I'm not exactly scared of death more or less than anyone. I feel like I have a regular sense of curiosity that comes from wondering what, if anything, lies beyond. But The Lovely Bones made me feel really peaceful with the idea of what could happen.

The girl was raped and murdered, she had one of the most horrific deaths imaginable because we saw not only how she died, but her killers life and her families lives for years and years. But, this book, this story, makes it okay. It makes everything okay. It shows that no matter what, you'll get past it. And even though time may heal the wounds, sometimes it wakes a really long time. But that's okay, because you really will find a way as long as you keep trying.

3. A Tale of Two Cities

This book changed my views on love, war, and classical literature. I loved this book. I will be reading it again shortly because I really want to and it's still winter. I think the best time to read classic novels is in the winter. You can't really dive into a tougher book while you're listening to kids screaming and playing in the pool, or birds chirping calling you to come play. And, by you I mean I. I need to be snuggled up, drinking coco, or coffee, or tea. I need to have soup breaks and take a hot shower to clear my mind. This book is intense, and intensely beautiful. There is nothing more loving than self sacrifice, and there are so many people willing to give up things for the ones they love.


  1. It was the best of posts. It was the worst of posts....

    I kid, I kid.

    Hey, that's cool how Harry Potter brought you into reading.

  2. Harry Potter= LOVE. <3

    Need to read Lovely Bones. I've heard only good things.

    Ugh...Tale of Two Cities. That book about killed me.

  3. I didn't start reading Harry Potter until after the final book came out and a good friend of mine insisted that I read the series. I didn't read a whole lot of fiction before reading the Harry Potter series, and I still don't read a whole lot of fiction. I did enjoy the series though.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY POTTER. should read lovely bones. have seen the movie though.

    last time i read tale of two cities was back when i was 12. maybe its time i reread it. :)