Monday, May 2, 2011

first day of school: down

Today was my first day, I had one class that began at 10:30 and I was almost late because Tom drove my car yesterday and put my emergency break on, I never freaking use my emergency break, and it too me 6 minutes of trying to push it down before I realized you must pull it up a bit before you can push it down.

Sometimes I revel in my womanhood and am proud of my vagina, others... not so much.

So, about school, I wasn't late, just barely on time actually. I am lucky that I am anal-retentive when it comes to being on time places, because if I wasn't I would have been five minutes later, but I was freaking out hard in my car trying to get the break to turn off. Sometimes my life is just so embarrassing when I'm alone, I need to tell people about it.

I get there just on time to find that my first class is mega full, it's a computer class and there are only a few left open in the entire class. We talk about what we're going to learn, I'm pretty sure I already know everything, I made a few friends... and the day was over. We didn't really do anything, I am super tired because of how bored I was, and now I'm back at work blogging and waiting for five o'clock so I can see Thomas.

Tom got switched back to days and while I'm really happy about it, I was sort of looking forward to never having to worry about keeping him entertained during the week. Now that he and I will basically have the same schedule again, I'm worried that he'll be more of a temptation that I was prepared to deal with. We'll see, I just like him a lot.... it's hard to say no.

We went golfing yesterday for the first time, it was hard, but I think I'm getting better. My arms hurt so much though, golfing is not easy, I'll tell you that. Hopefully I get amazing and can beat him and then hold that over his head forever, or not. I'm not very competitive, it's what makes me so nice.

Hopefully tomorrow will me more entertaining, because I like to learn, and I like to be entertained.


  1. "First day of school! First day of school!!" I'm glad it was a good day. Tell Tom to keep his hands off your brake, if you know what I mean ;)

  2. Those moments where you are alone and just do the stupidest shit? Yeah, they totally need to be shared. I hope school can entertain you. It never managed to do so for me. Womp.