Wednesday, May 11, 2011

how do you like the new header?

Obviously I've done a lot today...

with the new header and all...

and class and stuff...

You know, the classes I'm taking right now aren't that hard. I have all my homework done for this week, and I had it done yesterday. I'm trying to get ahead though, so I still study. Getting ahead now prevents me from getting behind in the future.

Look at me, all philosophical and stuff.

Good news: Ellen is home. Finally, the heavens have opened up and allowed me to have my best friend back. Tom makes me happy. I spent a significant amount of time with his mother this weekend, and I think she likes me. Really, it's important to me that she likes me, his dad is whatever. I'm pretty sure his dad hates women, so I will just be normal around him, and if he likes me than we win, if he doesn't nothing changes.

Tom's mother is my new favorite person. She is a strong woman, and smart and funny and I love her. I say that with no hesitation. She loves her family, she knows that she is absolutely vital for the function of it and she doesn't take crap from Tom's dad (and he dishes it out, did I mention he may be a male chauvinist?) (My dad is too, but he loves us and that's all that matters to me).

Tom's mom is amazing; it makes perfect sense why I like her son. And, Tom's little sister is also wonderful. I don't know his brother too well, but from what I do know I like. I'm not saying anything more than the actual words on the paper screen, but I really like being with Tom and his family, and if I had to chose someone to be close to their family, Tom's is pretty boss.

David's family made me feel weird, I liked Dan and Alyssa, but his dad made my uncomfortable, and his mother... I can't describe it. I think she just always wanted to be her son's number one, she saw no room for me.

I think Tom's mother has come to the conclusion that since her son loves being in relationships so much (Tom is never single, like, ever) that he will eventually decide to be with someone... she doesn't see his girlfriends as a threat, she sees them as people who make her son happy, and therefore make her happy.


  1. His mom sounds awesome. Just keep being a good person and maybe the dad will warm up? I always want to be on the best side of my boyfriend's parents, too, but it can be hard sometimes.

  2. Yep. I love the header.

    I feel so out of the loop. Who's Tom?

    I'm glad you dig 2/3 of his family!

  3. So glad you're liking his mom - and vice versa. VERY important - and a relief!

  4. Love the new header!

    Glad you're lucky with the family - I'm similar in that the ex's family was DIFFICULT but Scrubs' family is lovely, and his mother has the same attitude as Tom's, which is such a relief! :)

  5. Absolutely love the new header! I'm glad everything is going well with Tom and your classes. Perhaps his dad is just super shy? Sometimes shy people give off an awkward vibe.

  6. well apparently another friend is back. How are you doing DH? What happened to our sexually charged messages over twitter and our talks about pie