Monday, April 19, 2010

weekends are far too short

This weekend I:

Made my own granola (recipe to follow)

Made a fruit dessert with that granola and ate of for breakfast. Ice cream included!

Watched Alien, and Aliens

Went grocery shopping

Went swimming

Took my little sister to put in job applications

Bought raspberry/cranberry vinaigrette dressing (Saturday) and have had so many salads with it (its amazing) half the bottle is gone

Roasted a chicken (so easy, I never knew!)

And most importantly celebrated my one year anniversary with David. We went to 5 guys (he broke his diet for me... how sweet) cuddled, and then played video games, separately, because that's how we roll.

Love you David! (if you ever decide to read this) You're an awesome boyfriend, I'm a lucky gal. You make my heart go pitter patter, and I love that about you.

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