Friday, April 30, 2010

fast-post friday

On my list of good things to happen the top thing is that I no longer smell like garlic.

How weird was that?

Really weird.

The next best thing is that I got my hair cut the other day and now I can wear it down without looking like a fool. Growing your hair out is tough business. It never grows even, and my hair was looking really bad. It's better now, I feel pretty.

Last night I made Pizza dough, and this weekend I will be making pizzas galore, I have enough dough for 2 big ones, or lots and lots of small ones. I love pizza...

number 3: I got over my fear of yeast. When you're new to cooking yeast is scary. I'm no longer afraid.

4: I cleaned out the refrigerator! That's good for so so many reasons.

5. I ordered 2 blank zip up hooded sweatshirts online today so I can make something similar to this,
for about 1/3 the cost. (sorry etsy, you're great but I don't want to spend $64 on something I can make myself for $17)

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