Thursday, January 7, 2010

It really is the thought that counts

As a young person, I'm perpetually broke. Not a surprise, most people now-a-days are somewhat broke.

But giving gifts is something that should have little to do with how much you spend, but rather how much time you spend thinking about the gift to make it special for the person.

Being thrifty, and getting an idea in my head I gave my mother one of her favorite gifts three Christmas's ago. My family all thinks this is weird, but I love it, and so does my mom. She says that if the house is on fire it's the only thing she is grabbing, because she loves it that much.

These are my sisters any my eyes, in order of age. I'm in the middle.
(I need to start bringing my camera places, because the one on my phone takes such crappy pictures)
But there you have it, the best gift I ever gave.
I'm thinking in a few more years I'll make another one, so you can see how we've grown. If my sisters will let me.

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