Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things I'm bad at

People are always talking about honing skills, becoming better at what gifts we have...

Well, what about the things we just aren't good at, at all??

Here is a list of things I've decided to stop trying, because I was not made to do them.

Sports. When I was younger they were fun, but then I grew boobs and now I can't run for beans. It also has to do with the fact that I'm not competitive at all. And don't so much care to win, so I don't really try my hardest. It's just not in my nature.

Dancing. I like it, I have fun when I do it. But ask me to memorize a routine, and try as I will, I just can't. Put me in the back, that's a good plan.

Composing. Most musicians love to write music, and they always have a tune they are trying to get out. Not me. I see music like it is. When comes to writing my own I've not got a thing in my head. I'm quite poetic, and can write lyrics to something; however, I can't write a tune more complex then a few bars. It's just my brain.

Building things. I just am not interested in the way things work, so therefore have not got the ability or room in my brain for that sort of thing. That's what specialists are for, I'll keep that mentality forever.

There you have it, my short comings. I think it's good to admit what you don't have the capacity to do. That way you can focus on your actual abilities, instead of living in a dream world.

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