Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pictures from the beach!

Since my laziness impresses even me, I have yet to uplaod any photos from anything I've ever done in my entire life ever.

For the past month or so that is.

But my terrible little camera on my phone is happy to make up for my lacking. :)

This is where I spent most of my drinking/napping/sun baithing time.

The only whole shell I found. I wasn't looking very hard, obvioulsy :)

I was covered in sand everywhere I went,
it was like magnetically attracted to me.

Somebody fell asleep...
I want to be on vacation again so bad... Ohio is too humid and too not the beach for me to be happy. I'll have to make do.

PS: I'm trying a new hair style today. Is it cute or is it weird?

Let me know? I like it, but that means nothing. It's your opinions I care about :) Blog friends are real friends.


  1. I'm definitely a fan. Though I've never met you, I feel like your new hair really brings out the breast in you :) I know...I couldn't help it.