Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so much fun

I had a great time, and I'm really glad to be home.

The beds were really comfortable, but the last two nights I just couldn't sleep, even with my new Ambiance app that omits the perfect amount of thunderstorm noise while I sleep to it. It knocks me out; I would have bought the iPod just for that.

I promise to post photos later today, I got home last night and went to bed, no computer, no loading photos.

The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach, and it was perfect. The sun was amazing, I even got tanner (notice I don't say "tan" because I don't... I just got "tanner"). I didn't even get burnt, well, my knees did, how weird is that? But my normal burney places are nice and brownish. And I have twice the freckles I left with.

The best part was that I literally wore pants twice while I was there. I have been in a no pants mood for a while and the beach is a perfect place to never wear pants. There was a restaurant inside bar, and outside bar all connected to the hotel that I didn't need pants for. It was great.

Bobby and I had enough pina coladas to make our eyes pop out, but since it was vacation and drinking before noon is a completely accepted practice I was passed out drunk by the pool one day and I think that's how my knees got burnt. We also went to Medieval Times dinner theater and bought bowl sized cups with more pina colads for a total of $48!! For 2 drinks! When I post the photo you'll understand how big they were though, a refill was $16, neither of us needed refills...

I bought a lifetime membership for the gay club down there, and if it weren't for the fact that being in there burnt my eyes out (I was seriously surprised every.single.time people smoked inside somewhere, Ohio is great in that aspect) I would have gone back again. There were drag shows, lots of gay pride, and really nice people. Bobby was in a mood, and wasn't having any of that, but I feel like if we went back and knew what to expect it'd be great. On the way there we got lost and stopped at another hotel to ask directions. Bobby wouldn’t go in with me because he was embarrassed to ask where the gay club was... so I got to give the desk attendant a free lesson in google maps and using ctrl+p to print things because apparently they don't know how to use computers down there... It made me feel smart. That's all that counts.

Parasailing was lovely. It's so quiet up there, and it feels so nice to not even have to hold up your head. It was super windy the day we went, thus very choppy water and Bobby got very sea sick... Afterword I got to hang out on a different section of beach for about an hour while Bobby threw his life away in a toilet... poor guy. The only motion thing I have an issue with is elevators, which really affected me this week because I went up and down one about 6 times a day since we were on the 16th floor. What happens to me is I'll be standing there and I'll randomly get the sensation of the lift that happens when you move on an elevator. I don't get sick, I don't get light headed; I just get the sensation. It's unsettling slightly, but not enough to make me walk up 16 flights, you can be sure of that. The only time it really got to me was at band Camp sr. year, and since I was on the 4th floor walking those stairs was less of a big deal. Plus being packed in the elevator with 15+ sweaty band kids wasn't all that appealing either.

We rented a jet ski for an hour and that was a BLAST!! Unfortunately in Sc you're not allowed to jump wakes, what a strange law... Ohio wins that one too. Problem is you only have about 5 nice days in Ohio, so I still pick Myrtle Beach.

Making fun of people’s accents was a big part of the trip too. There was someone from Minnesota who thought he didn't have much of an accent since he had been doon here soo loong. He did, he just didn't know. The southerners were also pretty funny. They were everywhere, and they looked at us like we were hard to understand. I've talked about this before, Northern Ohio people DO NOT HAVE ACCENTS! The only thing I say with a slight accent is things with the "ay" sound. It's the "Akron A" and I only really have it when I try not too... We may be hard to understand because we don’t talk at a glacial pace. We stopped at a Wendy’s on the way home and that’s where I discovered fast is a very relative term… very.

The restaurant in the Hotel was actually really good. I had a burger with peanut butter, which was surprisingly delicious. I love peanut butter though. And I do mean love.

There was a small kitchen in the room and I made some yummy concoctions that I will hopefully share on my new cooking blog once I get all my stuff uploaded. If you like cooking or eating I'll probably be starting out easy, and since the stuff I make tends to be delicious, once I get stuff going it'll be a place to find simple delicious recopies. I made pancakes with bacon in them (think like chocolate chip or blue berry, just bacon... I know, yum) and I also made Bacon Fried Apples, which I thought of all myself. They were great, by the way, in case you were skeptical.

I think the best part of everything was just the getting away aspect of it all. People are really nice on vacation and I talked to one southern man about Strongbow because I tripped and fell over my chair and he wanted to know what I was drinking... Then we talked about he lived way up north in Michigan and I laughed because Michigan isn't that far. They don't have Giant Eagles though... that's sad. It's where I usually get my Strongbow.

He and I also talked about the wifi sucking in the Hotel... but after that conversation I realized that was probably a good thing. I can read blogs and check facebook not on vacation. I barely even read while I was there, I think 4 dots on my kindle, which is like 15 pages or so... I can read at home. I can't lay by the pool half drunk avoiding sand up my lady parts at home.

The Sand... ugh, it was everywhere. It was so everywhere that there is no way I won't be finding more when I go home and really unpack, not just open my suitcase for the dress I'm wearing today. My feet are mighty soft though, that's nice. Bobby and I took a lovely night walk on the beach like they do in all the romantic movies and walking in sand is a lot harder when you're trying to balance a drink. We walked through a little area where the water had made a small pool of sorts that looked shallow since people were playing with babies and small dogs in it... lies. I was up to mid thy and since I was wearing capri pants they got soaked, and filled with ever-present sand. Ugh... Bobby laughed, so did like 6 people around me. What are you gonna do?

Sunday night we attended Medieval times dinner theater. It was a blast. The food was great, the drinks were HUGE, and there were some pretty sexy men in tights. I think I would have fit in well in medieval times because I have lots of chest going on and fair skin... both signs of beauty back then. But the popping out kids all day and being a house wife with no electricity and a husband who never showers don't sound fun. Not like I can go back and test it out or anything.

So, I had a blast, I missed my bed very much and talking to only Bobby for 5 days got a little old. However, it was so worth it. I'll never go on a family vacation again... unless my parents pay for it. Or I'm a mother. I don't see wither of those things happening for a very long time, so for now it's time to work so I can start saving for my next vacation.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I am super jealous! haha. I am in need of a vacation that is for sure!

  2. Holy crap, sounds awesome. I'll probably never have a "vacation" lol. You must have a had a nice bit of money saved up, that sounds super expensive. o_o And 48$ for 2 drinks... Kill me now. That's nearly a month's worth of groceries for me! lol. Glad you had a good time. ^^