Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 things to tell myself 10 years ago

Little Denise, you stupid girl you. I know you'll never get this letter, because I've never gotten this letter, and I'm you, in 10 years.

1. Stop wearing your hair in only pony tails, you look dumb.

2. You're a soprano. I know it, you know it. Stop pretending so you can sit by the boys. You'll sing better when you stop pretending you're an alto.

3. When Carol doesn't want to continue with her piano lessons make your parents let you go instead. I need to know how to play piano, I don't. You have the time to learn now, do it.

4. Read Harry Potter. It's embarrassing you don't read. Once you read it, you'll love reading for the rest of your life. Don't wait till you're struggling in school because you haven’t found the series that rocks you to the core. Harry Potter is it, and now it's the coolest thing. Everyone likes Harry Potter, everyone.

5. You're not as cool as you think you are, be nicer to people, you'll feel bad about this stuff in a few years.

6. Once you start reading more your writing will improve times a million. You're smart, embrace it. Just because you don't have to try as hard doesn't mean you shouldn't. This laziness thing where you still succeed won't last forever. Learn good skills now.

7. Having a boyfriend you don't talk to doesn't count, no matter how cute he is and how popular you are because you "date" him.

8. Enjoy your time with your sisters now, they'll leave sooner than you're ready for.

9. Get in the habit of exercising. I know your boobs are big, and running is difficult. But they get bigger, and it becomes more difficult. You're young enough now that of you make it a habit you'll stick with it. I know you're not competitive, don't try to be. Winning and losing isn't fun. Just do it so that I;m not a fattie... because I hate exercising, but you can make that a difference.

10. Your parents aren't always right, but they usually are. Trust your gut, but if you're just doing something to spite someone, stop. You're being an idiot.


  1. 4. Harry potter was out 10 years ago? i had no idea. I'm finally working my way to watching the first movie...Eventually.

    7. Is it bad that im 24/25 and still do that........

  2. ****Edit..
    7. Her name is Jessica Alba, you may of heard of her

  3. Aww, you're so harsh on Little Denise. I want to give little d a hug.

    Plus she was smart! Sit next to the boys if you pretend to be an alto? GENIUS.


  4. i'll take some of your boobs if you take my's a snake i swear... wish i was meaner back then than now...u won't regret it....ur def a cool bitch:)

  5. I wish I could tell myself ten years ago to do some exercise. Sadly, I was more lazy back than than I am now. So it wouldn't of done much good. I probably would of looked at future Rachel dumbfounded and then promptly turned around and eaten a cake. Or just a pile of sugar, (weird kid).

    The spell check for Google Chrome just tried to tell me 'Rachel' was spelt wrong; how rude.

  6. Oh my gosh you must read Harry Potter!