Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blog awards

I've won some awards and I am lazy and haven't posted or done anything about them. So sorry.

Here I am accepting them.

Kate, over at Simply Kate, a gal with a profound love of blogging (seriously, she love this internet thing so much) thinks I'm lovely. Thus the lovely blog award.

My next award was from Alice over at Guys, Boys & Men. I like her because she is a good mix between all the crap I love about blogging, personal anecdotes, random advice you never knew you wanted to know and bits of hilarity. She gave me the Versatile blogger award which I guess means she likes me for similar reasons to me liking her. How romantic!

Good blogging is happening, and it's not just me.

I suggest that you not only follow these ladies on the bloggosphere, but they tweet, which in my opinion is great. Twitter is far better than facebook, because you don't have to follow anyone you don't want to and if people are boring (regular people are boring, there I said it. Bloggers know how to tweet, end of story). Kate is @ kateweber, Alice is @Alice_XO and I am @dhpotter (you thought I'd do a plug post without mentioning my self, pu-leeze). All obviously at

In order to accept these I'm supposed to do a lot of things, and I hope no one gets mad when I say that I love you, but choosing who to pick and who not to pick makes me sad... so I'm giving it to everyone! If you're reading this right now, or you're not but I read you hiding under my blankets at night so no one knows how stalkerish I can be, I want you to have both. Take them, pin them to your shirt, throw away that red letter A and join me in celebrating the great blogger you are! Oh, you don't have a letter A? Huh, wonder where I got that from...?

Any way, please my darling readers, I like your writing, it keeps me occupied and happy. You guys deserve this.

The next part of it is listing things about myself that you may or may not know already, seven things to be exact. So here goes:

1. I wear two rings almost all the time, and for the past two days I wasn't wearing them because I forgot to put them on after a shower and I kept forgetting; so my fingers have been quite naked feeling. That's not the story, just background info. The story is that the skin under where my rings goes has been so well protected forever it seems that it wasn't happy about being in the open air and is now peeling. Lovely I know.

2. As time goes on I'm becoming more and more allergic to milk. The list of things I can't eat or drink now includes all sorts of heavy cream (alfredo sauce, ice cream, coffee creamer, home made whipped cream) and soft cheeses which is appalling because I love all of those things (not coffee creamer though) and can't eat them without feeling like someone is stabbing me from my large intestines and a lovely trip to the loo in which I hate myself and want to die.

3. I'm starting to really like my new car. I think that my favorite thing about it is the rear windshield wiper (it's been covered in dew every morning for the last week and the wiper has been nice) and the fact that I have driven about 380 miles on one tank of gas. Another thing I am really enjoying is the power. This thing is way better than my pos ford at speeding past people, getting in front of them and slowing down because they've pissed me off in some way. I hate when cars do stupid shit where they try to get into tight spaces and I can't get up fast enough to make them not be able to drive irresponsibly. Now I can. I like that power... *evil smirk*

4. I'm almost done with the 6th book in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and I can't say enough good things about it. I'm enthralled, in love, and in over my head. Something really crazy is happening and I am nervous. I hope they make it out alive! (they will, there are 11 books, I'm just nervous for minor characters I've started to love).

5. WTF was up with Kurt's "duet" last night? I know this isn't about me, but it's about my opinion on how Kurt is pissing me off. I love what Finn said to him about not understanding the meaning of "no", but Kurt, I love you. Be a good gay example and only go after the mo's... I personally loved the song he and Rachel sang at the end of the episode, love love loved it. Does anyone know when and if an album is coming out or if I have to buy them on iTunes? I would rather buy the CD if I can.

6. I'm getting back on my parents health insurance as of January first! I will be able to see doctors and get prescriptions and not live in fear of anything. My crappy health insurance is so shitty I am thinking about canceling it this month instead of in January... but just in case. It is better than nothing.

7. I'm coming out! I've been on match dot com and I am talking to people and I should be meeting two of my many suitors this weekend, one on Saturday (if all goes as planned) and one on Sunday! I'm more nervous about this than anything I've ever been nervous about for many legit reasons.

also, you may not know this about me BONUS: I get super bad gas when I am nervous. I've been taking gas-ex since HS for stage anxiety farts and I hope that it doesn't get out of control on my dates this weekend... no one wants to date a smelly girl.

My therapist and I have been talking about my thoughts and feelings and I told her I should just meet with someone I know it won't work with first so I can see that it really isn't the end of the world if stuff goes wrong. I also told her it would be good blog material, and the truth is I know you guys don't want to see me fail, but I have a talent for seeing things comically so I think shit could get hilarious up in here real fast. People are weird, I'm looking to embrace that weirdness.

I am just so freaking nervous. But, the men I've decided to meet seem really great and the dates I have planned are ones that will be fun regardless of who I go with.

There, I'm out. I didn't know how to tell you guys because I am weird and do weird things. I guess this seven things bit was a good chance for me to do it. Thanks ladies for the awards.


  1. Congrats on the blog awards! And good luck with dates are always so full of nerves aren't they? Blergh. I always get a horrible feeling in my stomach. Which doesn't go away until at least 15 minutes in. Remember that they will be nervous too. And nervous rambling (which I do far too often) can be joked about and commented on. Like breaking the date's 4th wall. Sort of....

    And if they don't understand you being nervous; if they aren't a bit nervous themselves and most importantly, if they aren't even a little weird (in the good way, because who wants to be completely stiff and stolid. Talking about the weather at night time? Unless there's a tornado.. erm...). Then it's probably best to move on to the next guy. And the good thing is, you can. That is the beauty of dating websites.

  2. congrats on the awards!! so exciting :) it's weird, you're like the 6th person i've talked to ( about) this week who's trying the dating website thing. several of my close friends are doing it and they like it a lot more than they thought they would. i hope your rendezvouses (that does not seem like the correct plural) go well.... maybe they'll make for some really entertaining posts, haha!