Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yesterday my aunt(ish) gave me a cast iron skillet! And I bought a new car...

That is in the correct order because although getting a new (used) car was necessary it's crap I had to. I should have been able to drive my old car for much longer. It only had 60, 000 miles. Ford is now on my "never buy" list. American cars are crappy because Americans are predominantly lazy and care only about cost, not quality.

I now own a hatch back, please don't make fun of me. It's a nice car. And it drives. And I now have to make payments for the next five years. I just hope I made the right decision in getting this verses another >$4000 car. I want to be confident in spending this much money, but right now I'm not. I'm not happy that stuff doesn't work. The car I had before I bought last July, I owned it for a year and 2 months. I shouldn't have had to replace it this soon. Cars suck. Cars and owning one with the insurance and what not is on my big list of cons for living where there is grass. Subways are so much better. I want a subway in Akron... not that sandwich shop... although it is nearing my period lunch time and I really want some cheese and onions...

So, cast iron skillet! I plan on making corn bread very very soon. Last night was not good for me, too much stress. Buying a car is stressful, and my mother was trying to talk me out of it but had no other solutions, let alone a better one. So I bought a car and now I have all these doubts.

Is it really only Tuesday?


  1. Congratulations on the new car. I wanted a hatch back, I think they are cute. I hope my car lasts longer than yours did :( I can't afford to buy something new.

  2. my bf is thinking of getting a hatch back! good times. also i am starving and cornbread sounds delicioussss. please post pictures if you make some...if i can't eat it, i can at least live vicariously!