Wednesday, October 27, 2010

left overs that should be left behind

Lately I've been eating out a lot because it's just so much easier... and I get lazy every now and then.

So, last night I came home and wanted to warm up some things and stuff my face with pre-made already done food, but I was disappointed because most of the stuff tasted awful, and I was hungry with nothing to eat.

So, I thought I'd share with you what food you should either eat all of, or leave behind.

Nachos: nothing covered in cheese can be bad... unless it's day old cheese on soggy chips. Just say no. It's sad, I know, but unless you plan on eating it in the car on the way home, the process of getting cold then being reheated ruins them to the point of gross.

Salad, with dressing: I went to the OG and had the soup, salad, and bread sticks, and I came... I mean I love it a lot and it tasted very good. However, don't take the salad home. It's gross, even a few hours later. If you want to bring home salad don't put the dressing on it till later.

Anything fried: It'll probably taste okay microwaved, but it will never bee good enough. It's sad really.

Anything wrapped: I suppose this works the same as salad, because the tortilla/pita/bread substitute just gets soggy. And gross.

Now, since you aren't allowed to bring any of those things home, I'll tell you what you can bring home.

Anything Baked: potato, chicken parm, cheesecake. It's great reheated.

Chinese: this goes against my former anything fired rule because I don't know why. All Chinese food is great the second time.

Soup: duh, it's supposed to be soggy, you're set.

If you have any more things that I can order and take home tell me. I love to go out to eat...


  1. I'm such an eater-outer. (Dirty! But you know what I mean.)

    I tend to be okay reheating pastas. They're generally resilliant.

    "Soup: duh, it's supposed to be soggy,"

    GIGGLE. Such powers of observation.


  2. Things I don't say for fear I'll be viewed as a lesbian:
    I love to eat out
    I eat out all the time
    I love my kitty
    *Brushing my Kitty*
    My kitty is so soft
    My little is so loveable
    ... and yes, I think those things far too often.

  3. PIZZA. Pizza is like the king of reheatable foods. And it's even delicious if you're too lazy to reheat it the next day.

    I may or may not be eating reheated pizza as we speak.

  4. Pasta tends to be good the next day. In fact, it can be better reheated sometimes. Grilled things, on the other hand, I have found to make terrible leftovers, as the microwave tends to dry out things making the grilled foods tougher and a bit blander.