Monday, October 4, 2010

Anne Rice is 69 today

and I know that I should be more mature than that, but 69 is such a funny number.

Now, since her vampires are not sparkly or freaky leather people (Dresden Files... like I thought I could get away from vampires by reading a series about a wizard... it's a full fledged war out there people!) I thought I'd mention her since everyone who hates Twilight says she did it right and everyone should follow in her footsteps. And it's her Birthday. Us October babies are special, all of us.

Why I don't care that Edward Cullin sparkles: poetic license. You have just as much right to make up your own version of vampires as she did.

My birthday is in 25 days. I'm excited...

Things that I really want:

A grill pan, the pioneer woman uses it all the time and I want to cook with one... I don't need it to be cast iron, I've burned myself on skillets (work in a restaurant with anything sizzlin' and you know what I'm talking about. the whole outside of my index finger and the inside of my thumb had huge blisters for a week) and I'm the type who will forget and do it again a few times before i hurt myself into remembering. Plus keeping track of those little oven mitts is a hassle. I just want a grill pan.

I do want a regular cast iron skillet though. I want to be able to bake things in it. Did you see the pioneer woman's cornbread this morning? I have all the 'gredients... I just need the pan!

I read the first 9 over the summer... and since I'm cheap as heck I haven't read book 10. There is a 119 person waiting list at the library. I'm not even bothering to become 120.

I just looked at my wish list on Amazon and it's basically three pages of books I want the kindle version of but don't want to buy myself. Yes, Kindle files are less than regular books. No I can't waste all my hard earned dollars on books. I spend too much on them as it is.

I want these CD's. I want the CD's because I like to listen to them in my car. I have a huge Crush on these guys voices. The fact that they have the same name means that I'd be less likely to mix them us if I were to say date them both at the same time, which isn't that far out of the realm of possibilities.

Beauty and the beast, my favorite childhood tale, is coming out of the vault and although I literally hate Disney for being douches and putting things in the vault in the first place, I don't want to miss this one. My mother is fully aware this is what I want from her, lets see if she can remember. This will probably be a gift to myself if no one gets it for me.

This wall decal. Saying I love it is an understatement. I'm in love with it. Red is the color of my soul. Deep passionate red.

I super dooper love this one too. The birds, the branches. It's all perfect. Id have to paint my room for this one, but Bobby seriously likes painting more than he likes breathing, so I know he'd hop on that with full enthusiasm.

I think that's a good enough list for today... I wonder how much of it I end up buying for myself.


  1. I love the wall decals! I want to get one for my living room, but I'm having a hard time picking which one I want.
    I also end up buying myself most of what's on my birthday list too and it's normally before my birthday!

  2. I hope you like what I'm getting you because it's NONE of this

  3. I love the wall decals too!!

    So I'm taking it you love the sookie stackhouse novels? I watch true blood but I haven't read any of the books. You recommend??

    Happy almost birthday : )