Friday, October 1, 2010

breathe in... ahhh

I feel so much better today, I suppose that's what eleven hours of sleep will do for you. I got home, ate enough food to hold me for the winter (I was so hungry, not having a car meant I couldn't go to lunch and my boss was here all day and he gets mad when I eat at my desk) and slept till my alarm went off this morning which never happens.

Self-fulfilling prophecy: I said today would be a better day, and so far it's a better day. I even made myself oatmeal this morning, the real kind, on the stove... nothing is more comforting that a hot breakfast, even if you have to make it yourself.

My 16 year old little sister needs a reality check. I'm sure that everyone had that said about them in their teen age years, but my little sister thinks that she knows everything, and that everyone around her is an ignoramus. Shes been this way since she was about 7. I think I know why the Duggars keep having kids, they can't stand how ignorant the youngest acts,so they slap it in the face with another baby and say, "Ha! You're not the youngest any longer," and that one behaves and they don't have to worry about it till the new one one gets opinions and such. I think that's the worst time in a child's life, when they get opinions. I don't think I'm ever having kids, not if they could possibly turn out like my little sister.

Today is Friday, my car stopped running mid day Tuesday when I was having my travel mechanic come diagnostic it and he couldn't figure out what was wrong. I had to have it towed to another place (thank my father for my yearly AAA membership, that's one of the best gifts he gives me, that and an entertainment book) for another diagnostic because my mechanic (who charged me nothing for the 2 hours he looked at my car Tuesday, I should be more thankful) couldn't figure out what was wrong. Turns out it's the engine... go figure. And it'll cost me about $1400 to fix...

Now, my uncle owns this car, I'm paying him back for it and although I'm more than half way through the payments I still owe him about $2000. My uncle is my boss. Yesterday he asked me to do a math problem in my head because he is convinced "young people" don't know anything and can't possibly do math in their head and I told him I couldn't becasue I was so distraught. He asked why, I started crying and told him about my car.

He feels bad because although he did me a favor by buying me the car he picked a dud. Since I've purchased it I've needed 4 new tires, new brakes and rotors and an alignment (that was a nice month)... my ignition broke inside of itself, fortunately in my driveway so I wasn't stranded, but I had to have the replaced. I haven't fixed the crack in the windshield (it's very small) or the passenger side door which was a fake... it's not connected to anything and my key doesn't even work in it. Whoever owned it before me (we bought if from a repo auction) was in an accident and instead of being a normal person and fixing it properly, got a door that doesn't even have the capability of rolling down the window or locking/unlocking from the outside. My windshield wipers aren't right either, they'll stop right in the middle of the window instead of finishing their wipe, and I haven't even looked at prices for fixing the last two things.

So I told my uncle about the latest development in my car which is it either needs fixed or replaced, and the cooling system is so gunky because of whatever is happening in the engine that I'll need that cleaned like 4 times as well. He told me not to fix it. He told me he would just eat the last $2000 I owed him and we'd buy me a new car and I could pay him for that.

Then, his friend told him he may be able to get an engine and has a friend who could do the work. Friends helping each others friends out. You have no idea how many men I've talked to in the last two days about this car. I have a new black uncle named Kevin Smith (smiley face) who is hilarious and a treat to talk with on the phone. I've known him for a while, he made ribs for my graduation party that are to die for, he is my real uncles bff... do grown men have bff's?... and he basically told me that he'd take me to any mechanic and make sure that the parts that were broken were really broken. I love him.

Now my uncle can't decide is we should fix it or not. I have no idea if he'll be buying me a new engine or if I have to, but he said "ill pay for it," but I don't know if that means I'll eventually be paying for it or since he'd take the $2000 loss, he'd rather buy me a new engine and have his friend put it in. I just don't know.

I'm now to the point where I don't care. My father offered to may the $1400 initially and I'd pay him back, so that's an option if my uncle doesn't want to pay for the engine but not get me a new car. So now it's just up to my uncle (the same one who doesn't like if I eat at my desk and makes me do mental math on the spot to prove to him that not all young people are idiots...) and once again, I have no real control so I don't really care what happens since all options lead to me having a car and still paying my uncle.

Back to my little twat of a sister, she said to me when I was acting all stressed and mopey because I had been told that fixing my car could be up to $2500 dollars (more than half of what I paid for it) that "nothing bad that happens to me isn't directly my fault, so I just am not sad about it because I caused it to happen". Must be nice to have that mentality, you know, considering that it's not just your fault. It's never just your fault, you're not that important, and shit happens you can't foresee or control. Like I said, my little sister is always right, and she won't open her eyes enough to let anyone help her.

So although all the problems I had yesterday I still have today (except I don't work tomorrow, and I work today which is yesterdays tomorrow), I am not going to be surprised by anything more... correction, I don't think I can have anything predominantly worse than what happened happen, so I'm looking forward to this day and not having to worry because it's out of my hands. Knowing things are out of your hands after 2 days of so much worry I could have fuelled a car (if I'd had one) is an interesting relief.

Happy October first and happy Friday.

Oh! Fun thing, I sent this photo to my credit card company and my new card arrived in the mail yesterday with this image. It looks amazing. I wish I could have a picture for my bank card.


  1. I completely feel for you as far as car problems go. I am currently having problems with my car too. It always seems like if it isn't one thing it's another to me, but it normally ends up working itself out!

    Happy October 1st to you too! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I find it hilarious that you are quoting my blog while complaining about your sister. I feel like my life is somehow more complete for it.

    Very glad you are feeling better today!! Hope things keep on looking up and the car gets fixed quickly.

  3. Sorry about your car problems. :(

    Here's to a brighter October though! Cheers.

    Also, nice apples.