Friday, October 15, 2010

it's more than okay to be gay

October 11 was national coming out day, and I wasn't sure how to go about celebrating it.

I watched Glee on Tuesday, and I think that there could have been a more positive gay message (this week and last) because Kurt is starting to make me sad... another post, another day

Besides that youtube and facebook have been blowing up about the gay teen suicides and how people are finally seeing that bullying kids (and adults) just because they're different is far mare damaging than you see on the surface.

But I needed to do more. On  my old blog (it no longer exists, don't blog anywhere that owns rights to your stuff, once you leave they'll destroy all evidence you ever existed) I had an entire page dedicated to why I am a Christian and love God and also have no problem accepting and loving homosexuals. I'm going to add that to my tabs after this because I first sent it to a friend of a friend who had come out to his strict catholic parents and was dealing with them not accepting him at all. He said it helped. I just want people to know that being whatever you are, religious or not, the main weapon people have against homosexuality is the Bible, and although it's a great source on loving one another and treating one another properly, it's not a scientifically sound document. You cannot use the Bible for what it isn't, and it's not science and it's not a message of hate. It was never meant to be. The golden rule isn't love your neighbor as yourself as long as you live in white suburbia and they look and act just like you.... It's love your neighbor as yourself. Period. End. No more. Judgment isn't love, no matter who it's directed at or where it's coming from.

And however religious you are, love is good. Love is the only thing that can't be argued (and it shouldn't need to be). There is nothing wrong with love.

My best friend is gay. And he isn't perfect, but who is? He can make me angrier than anyone else on the planet, and I him. But that just means that I love him more than anyone else too, because you only hurt as much as you loved, he is my other half.

No, I don't wish he was straight, I wish he was exactly the way he is. because to me, he is perfect. To me we're perfect together. Our relationship is as beautiful as it is because it's not clouded with lust. We're best friend because out hearts go together, and I love that he is gay.

But he face something I never will. He had to grow up knowing that he was "different" from what society thought he should be. He face ridicule, abuse, and hate thrown at him for no reason other than something he couldn't help one bit. He was different, and because of that he was made to feel smaller, wrong... unworthy of the love of God, or his peers.

Not true.

He deserves love just as much as anyone else.

The thing that hurts me most about the situation with the recent gay teen suicides is how young those kids were. It's also appalling that authority figures didn't do anything to stop the hazing although they were fully aware of it. What adult can look at a child, see their pain, see their agony and fear and do nothing?

I want to post a link to one of my favorite pro gay pro reading blogs (yay!). Today Lee Wind posted an article that he personally wrote to his local paper about where gay teen suicides start.

It's short and to the point, please go read it. Teen suicides (especially gay ones) can only be prevented if we start spreading a positive message about being different from the beginning. Racism, sexism, anything-ism that results from disliking and judging based on differences is a negative mark on our society. We're not homogeneous, we're a mix of all the things that make humanity beautiful; why do we have to belittle and step on people for the things that make them special? Why can't love flow instead? You don't have to understand something to appreciate it, but you do have to willing open your mind and decided that you're not going to fear the strange.


  1. very well said. i was raised catholic my whole life, and i agree completely with what you said about the bible -- if someone is going to use it as any sort of weapon, it should be as a weapon of love (oxy moron?) and NOT, under any circumstances, as a weapon or excuse for hatred. hopefully the world will start to shape up after these recent tragedies :/

  2. Being Christian to me, does not always mean living by the exact words of the Bible or going to church every week. To me it means being a kind, generous and non judgemental person, someone who will forgive and forget. There is no excuse for treating someone badly just because they are different, it's just narrow minded.

  3. everything in this world seems to be so disturbing....great post! we(me and my family) were brought up to love everyone and we def. stand up and fight for what we believe in...

    btw...the new look is great:)