Monday, October 18, 2010

Uniquely “Denise”

Everyone has something about them-self that is unique. A birthmark, a love of all things yellow-orange (NOT orange-yellow), the ability to talk with their mouth closed (I can yell with mine closed, pretty impressive, I know…); but no matter what it is, it becomes unique when you decide to make it your own. I think the individuality comes from viewing something, be it common place or really out there, in your own individual light. Basically, something is unique when you make it your own.

This being said, I would like to share with you some of the things I find wonderful, some of the things I do because I’m me, and some things you may not have known about me.

I love to mess up the peanut butter. I get so much joy from being the first to stick my knife into that smooth surface and just mess the whole thing up. I also love doing this to regular butter, but peanut butter is better. I even dated a kid in high school who wouldn’t let his family open a new jar until I’d messed it up first. He was wonderful…

I love the feeling of pulling electrical tape off the roll. It’s something I’ve enjoyed sine I was a child. My dad was the only one with electrical tape, so I’m guessing it is because it was rare when I got to do this I associate the feeling with being special myself. It’s just so much smoother than regular tape. I love the smoothness.

When I’m done with a cup of tea, I like to swish the tea leaves in the bottom of the cup around like in Harry Potter and pretend to read my tea leaves. Not that I ever see anything, but I still do it, every time. I’m finishing a cup right now, being very careful to get the right swishing motion to tell my future accuratly.

When no ones watching I dance. When I’m in my car, I turn off my radio and sing. I cut my own hair. I’ve lost multiple phones to multiple freak water accidents (one was dropped into my dogs water dish). I am allergic to ice cream and cream cheese, but not milk. I read multiple books at once and keep them all separate in my mind, until I close my eyes and have wicked dreams. I like silence. I love the smell of chlorine. I’m a bed/blanket/pillow hog. I look like a perfect mix between my dad and my mom. I sound like both of my sisters on the phone. I love big sunglasses. I have perpetually cold hands. And feet. I either like my sleeves pushed up, or pulled down over my hands; I don’t like them just resting where they are. I hate the smell of ketchup, but I love it on french fries. I know the words to more Christmas songs than anyone else I know (however, I don’t know O’ Christmas Tree because that song annoys me so much). I don’t like to leave phone messages. I drive faster in the winter than the summer. I feel naked without my spoon ring.

I’m sure there are a million of people who enjoy things that I do, but I make them my own, as do you make your things your own. Be your own, and don’t conform. The most boring people you’ll ever meet are the ones who don’t know what makes them special. Something that makes you special is decided by you, and you get to decide whatever you want. So decide, and enjoy being yourself.
Then blog about it, so I can read it too.


  1. I totally get the peanut butter thing. I even get how much better PB is than butter or other stuff that is machine poured.

  2. yessss the tea leaves! it's always exciting to find another harry potter fan. i actually only buy leaves now instead of tea bags solely for this reason, too. go us!

  3. I definitely get the peanut butter things. I also love silence, and cut my own hair. But I also knit, and crochet. And I love it. I know I'm special. Thank you for posting this, people need to be reminded of what makes them special. Everything you do makes you special. <3 Peace and serenity