Friday, February 26, 2010

Easy Flower Headband

I wish I could describe to you how awesome I felt this morning after completing the first of many craft projects I now have on my list to complete... But rather than make my self feel like a fool for telling you about 8 stitches and some hot glue making me feel like a real girl I'll show you the few easy steps involved in creating a cutie head band that doubles as, well... I don't know what.

First, I followed the easy steps found here. This project is super fast. It took me all of about 15 minutes.

First, I broke the flowers off the stem and decided where I wanted to put it on the headband and made a small mark. I got a needle, threaded it, and put the first flower over the spot. Then I remembered to take a picture.
Next I sewed the second flower on. I made sure to arrange it opposite the other to look full. And luscious. And these flowers look like they could be either blue or purple. They're purple. Just in case you were dying to know.

It took me about three stitches per layer to get them to stay properly. The crafty lady from Home Made By Jill only used 2 per flower layer, but I'm probably rougher with my hair accessories, and felt three was perfect for me.

After I sewed 3 flowers on I felt like it looked good enough. I have short hair, and a small head. I didn't want to be excessive.

The last step is to put that strange plastic thing back in the middle of them to make them look like they have normal flower reproductive parts...

Did you know flowers are both boys and girls? And they need bees to spread the boy parts of the flower (pollen) with the girl parts of another flower. That's pollination for ya folks. Flower sex. You never knew why they called it "the birds and the bees" did you?

Biology lesson done.

So glue that strange bit on, hot glue works best and if you're anything like me you'll be picking the glue strands out of your hair, teeth, clothes... for hours to come. Hot glue is amazing, and amazingly messy.

Next put it on your head and admire how beautiful you are. You can even pretend you're somewhere that didn't just get a fresh coat of snow, and you won't have to wake up 10 minutes early tomorrow to scrape off your ice coated windows...

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