Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I may actually *eh hem* like cooking...

Remember how I said I hate cooking?

Well, you may not remember, because I may not have said it to you, but I know anyone who actually knows me knows I hate cooking.

I have a confession, and don’t tell my mother or my sister. Well, you can tell them, because my little sister knows, I told her last night while we were driving to her house to get her shoes because she is dumb and thinks 12 inches of snow in Ohio means you wear flats with no socks… but here is the scoop.

I’ve been cooking, and I’ve been having fun.

I’ve been having fun cooking.

I just used the words ”cooking” and “fun” in the same sentence without the phrase “isn’t the least bit” in between…


I figured out what ruined cooking for me all those years, and what has turned me on to it. I like cooking alone. I like to be in a kitchen, by myself without anyone else there to watch or help or annoy me just with their presence… and I LOVE a big kitchen. All my life my older sister was right there, or my mother, watching every single cooking project, even once I was old enough to understand how to use an oven or stove without melting, catching fire too, or burning anything. I also have a terrible small kitchen in my house, my mothers house, and in the apartment I lived in for a year. There is no counter space, you can reach the fridge from the stove without having to take a step, there is no room to cook.

However, in Davids house he has a wonderful kitchen, one designed with people who are mildly claustrophobic in mind. There is an island that has two different heights, tons of counter space (my mother and sister are also notorious pack-rats, there is literally NO room to work in their kitchen… sorry guys, of you ever read this), a high ceiling, lots of light, and it is a beautiful canary yellow which is a brain stimulating color. I’m in there and I want to play around, I want to fill the house with delicious smells, I want to cook!

Wow, now that that is off my chest I feel better.

I plan on playing with food, and making things that are yummy now that I have full use of a wonderful kitchen and will be sharing my joys with you from now on. If all goes as planned I will be making sweet potato fries or a fun-fetti cake tonight. I know that neither of those things are complicated, but I’m going to church and won’t be back till late.

I am a huge fan of The Pioneer Woman and last week I made her Crash Hot Potatoes and Perfect Potatoes au Gratin which were both delicious (I must admit I didn’t use heavy cream, I’m allergic to heavy cream. I just used 2% milk, it has less lactose). I really want to make the mac and cheese, (she only has about 8 recipes for that) and chicken salad.

*Side note, it’s ash Wednesday. Did I mention I’m Lutheran? I’ve decided for my health and the betterment of my body to give up “Fast Food” (this does NOT include subway or Panera) and try to cut out “Fried Food” if not completely purge my body of all the gross stuff that makes me feel gross and huge.

Although I really want to make these, don’t tell anyone.

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