Thursday, February 25, 2010

MIA- the other end of blogging (and my "real" life)

Sorry I've been so distant lately, but I got so caught up in reading blogs I basically forgot to write!

And who can blame me? With all that amazing stuff out there...

So, here are the lovely things I've been distracted by lately, and I promise to post more, hopefully with some of my own:

Pumpkin wontons , from the Steamy Kitchen!

I love pumpkin, and I love anything deep fried, especially in a wonton.

Or how about this cute little bag from MADE?

They say it is a "candy bag" however I'd probably just use it as wallet, or a purse.

I really want to make a flower head band. The idea is from Homemade By Jill.

Or these slippers? In adult size of course.

They are from this blog.

I most of all want to make this! I already bought the hole punch. I just need to find a frame. I don't want to spent $25 (can you believe how expensive frames are??)

I also bought sewing for dummies. I got a machine about 5 years ago and have never really taken it up. I have the time now, and I really want to make things like this.

Or this. But what really made me start looking through blogs, and that eventually snowballed into me forgetting to write for a while was this:

I've been cooking and Sunday night I got dough everywhere, including my clothes. I wanted an apron. I want to make one with fun fabric that is uniquely my own. It'll be spectacular. I really can't wait.

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