Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day, in a nut shell...

I went to bed about 4:30 last night and slept till 8:00 this morning (I know, a bit excessive, but what can you do?)

I woke up, cleaned the kitchen, had some honey nut Cheerios, and played with my new gift:

That's right ladies and gentleman, I received a kindle for valentines day, and I am oober excited!! I already downloaded 19, you heard me right 19 books, 18 of which were free. David gave me the Kindle complete with All 7 harry Potters, The Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad, Twilight, and some Stephen Kings. So, I am now embarrassed for spending so much money on books last week, when most Kindle books are under $10. But, whatever.

David loved his gifts, he can't wait to take them to work and show is mates, and I don't feel bad about not sending any money on him (he gave me his old Kindle, he bought himself a new one). So all worked out for the best!

For dinner we're making taco salad, crash hot potato's, and lots of dirty dishes! Hope your Valentines was all you oped it would be.

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