Monday, February 22, 2010

welcome back monday

This weekend was fun, I had a good time Friday night hanging with my beloved Adrienne and David over 2 pitchers of margaritas at the El Campasino.

All I can say is that those delicious fruit beverages have hidden powers. All you taste is yummy, but sooner than later you know that whatever is hidden in them is pretty powerful...

Saturday I pretended to judge at a speech and debate tournament because although I was ready to enjoy a day of entertaining events I was never used because the school my sister coaches at kept winning, therefore I could judge nothing since I may had a conflict of interest... so I read about half of this book on my new Kindle, which is awesome and the time was still well spent.

Oh, plus I got a corn dog out of it all, so I'm happy.

Saturday night we were scheduled to play Dungeons and Dragons, but three out of the 7 canceled... so we didn't play. 2 of the 3 people canceled about 5 minutes before they were supposed to be there, so David and I had already ordered Chicken and JoJo's (double yumm, I love me some jojo) so I ate my yummy dinner then bolted for my friend Emmi's house while the boys played some video games.

All I can say is that I need more of my girl-friends. Don't get me wrong, hangin' with the men folk has it's benefits; but there is nothing as fun as pizza, booze, and some girl talk (yes, that means I ate dinner twice... sue me).

Later that night I went out to Bobby's mothers 50th birthday party, which was totally fun. I love when parents get drunk... it was really nice to see her and celebrate her birthday.

Sunday I slept in, (sort of...) and then hit up Olive Garden for lunch. I love (probably more accurate to say obsess over) soup salad and bread sticks. I think about them almost weekly, and I can't get over how perfect an olive garden bread stick tastes if you dip it in their minestrone, my mouth is watering right now thinking about it.

Speaking of mouth watering, guess what else I did this weekend? You'll never guess, so I'll just tell you.

I made ginger steak salad. I made the dressing, I marinated the steak, I even made home made bread sticks. The salad was so amazing, I will probably be making more of that dressing because I ate it all and have some spring mix left over. It was a learning experience however, I learned I hate making bread from scratch, and that it got all over my hands because I thought a "flowered board" didn't mean "an entire extra cup of flower to prevent it from sticking to every surface, including your hands and becoming a grubby mess". Oh well, I'll know better next time.

This is not mine, I didn't have my camera last night, but it looked about the same.
I'm good at following directions, and I loved the result.

It took some time, about 2 hours, but I bet that the next time I make it it'll be much quicker.

Did I mention my gooey doughy hands that left tracks all over the kitchen?

I don't care. I was happy to cook. I had fun, it was delicious, and It's good practice. Next time I'll get thinner steaks, because the one I had was really thick, and took quite a bit of the cooking time. And I have never made steak before, so I was really happy with the way things turned out.

As for my relationship issues, which I am sure you're all dying to hear about; David agrees with me that I do a lot for him. And that he is maybe not as appreciative as he could be. He somehow got it in his head that I thought he was using me, which then developed into him think he is inherently evil (I'm really not exaggerating here) and that somehow his subconscious is a jerk... I basically wanted to chop his head off in this point in the conversation because he was not listening to what I was saying at all. I then told him that it is just who I am to want to make the people I love lives easier, therefore I do thing I know he'll like because I want to make him happy. I know that that is something I do. Because I love him. I would just like to feel appreciated, and have help sometimes. I don't like leaving the kitchen a mess before bed (is that so wrong?) and I want help to keep it clean so when I want to cook tomorrow I don't have to clean before I start.

He said he would work on it. He will try to make me feel more appreciated and loved and important.

However, he said he needs to be able to have some video game time. He says he is a "gamer" and that recently I have been taking him away from them. He says he chooses me over video games a lot, and that he wants to be able to play for about 10 hours a week. So I said I would make sure to give him ample time to do just that.

So here are the changes "we" made over the weekend, for the good of the relationship.

I left David alone to have his "video game time" all day Saturday, and then all Saturday night because of canceled D&D. Then Sunday while I was cooking for those 2 hours he played, and after dinner he played for another half hour. I left early Saturday morning o he could sleep in, and Sunday I got up and did my own thing because I wanted to let him sleep in then too.

As for what he has done? Well he did the dishes last night, after I cooked, although there are still dirty cups on the table, dirty baking sheets in the sink, and the dishwasher wasn't unloaded (I can't stand and incomplete job). But still, most of the dishes were done. Later we watched 2 shows together. I wanted to watch Tin Man, which ended up being not that good; then we watched Top Gear, which I like, but I was tired by that time and sort of fell asleep.

I love David. More than anyone else in the world. And I want to make this work, but I feel like I'm doing so much more, and I don't feel like he has made that much of an effort. I hope things improve, because I really want to be with him.

But if it's wrong, why stay? Especially if the other person isn't willing to work with you.

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