Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding a new Hobby

So here's the deal: I am so stressed out lately I've developed an eye twitch.

Here are my normally non twitchy eyes, they don't look like this right now because a small muscle is almost constantly spasming in my right eye. Okay, not constantly, but at least once or twice every 10 minutes.

David, the lovely dear that he is, made me talk about all the things that suck in my life and after everything said I need to find a hobby. He thinks having something fun to do that I can put my time, energy, and effort into will help take my mind of the bad parts and make me happier.

I agree.
You may or may not remember from my resolutions that I wanted to join a choir, I still do. I just don't like to do things late at night, because I'm old and like to go to bed before it gets dark.

I also had a goal of growing my hair out which is harder than it looks, and getting a part time job.
I really want another job for a few reasons. I want to be around people my own age, and have more friends in my life. When you work at a restaurant (I'm going to be a server, there is no other thing I want. I love restaurant jobs, absolutely love them) you are around people your own age in your same financial situation with the same overall goals. No offense to David, but he makes me feel small and unaccomplished sometimes. People in a restaurant are the same, they get you, they love you. Its a big eclectic mix of young lives that somehow always work out. Its fast paced, it's fun, and you make enough money to go out at the end of the night with your friends. I need another job so I can have money to have fun with.
Always saving and never being able to just splurge is something that adds stress to my already twitchy eye.
On the bright side, the best news of the day is I bought myself 3 wooden spoons and some fresh Rosemary! I will now be making the Cheddar Cheese Puffs and have a happy belly.
Oh, another thing that sucks about being stressed. Physically, stress is terrible for you. Our bodies react to stress in so many ways that wear and tear on our immune system, out digestive system, out circulatory and nervous system (note eye twitch). I am an admittedly bad stress eater. I have a sweet tooth that rages in times of inner turmoil. I go to the gym, I exercise, and then I remember how everything is sucking royally right now and I crave pancakes, or ice cream, or some doughy sweet goodness dripping in butter and cream. I have gained a bunch of weight because my body is constantly in survival mode from my stress and feels the need to hold on to everything I put into it...

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