Monday, March 29, 2010

what I hate about being a grown up

My car has been shaking lately and I noticed even more recently that when I break it feels like the ABS is always going...

So when I was getting my oil changes (#25.00 since my car only takes synthetic oil) they told me my tires have dry rot and all 4 needed replaced, 2 more immediately than the others; and that my rotors are warped which is what is causing the shaking and kickback for the the breaks...


So they quoted me (and this is with a coupon) $250 for the breaks and $100 for each tire.

I'm not very happy about this, at all.

So I called around.

I have someone coming to my work today to fix my rotors for $145 and I have tires set up that are about $270 for the four.

My advice is first never grow up, stuff gets expensive fast, and to always shop around. I'm getting everything for less than half my original quote.

My last bit of advice is to marry a mechanic/computer wiz/chef who likes to clean and rubs your feet...

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