Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday!!

Not so long ago I started a blog on I had hopes and dreams for it and slowly but surely it began to grow. I was up to an average of 70 individual hits per day, and having only been writing for a few months I thought that was impressive.

However, the site changed, and the promise of grandeur and fame dwindled when it went from a pay per hit site to a pay per "click on my ad" site...

I became disheartened. My blog I had spent so much time loving and making as good as it could be was letting me down. I had few things I could customize, every post was monitored for content, and there was no easy way for a reader to "follow" me.

So I moved. First to wordpress, but I found it hard to find other bloggers there, the site was pretty, but I felt like something was wrong there. So I came back to the good old blogspot, and here I am, happy as a lark.

Today I am featuring an article from my blog, and at some point I will feature all the other articles I liked a lot here to. For now, enjoy.

Are You Writing to Reach Someone?

Blogging is something personal and public and open and private all at the same time.

Do you write for you, or for someone else?

I am personally guilty of writing to others, or being conscious of what others may think, and in doing so I edit myself, my words, my message.

Why is that an accepted practice?

Today, I write to you, to tell you I love that you’re reading what I’ve written and that I appreciate the time you’ve taken to enjoy (or not) the thoughts that fill my head on a daily basis. Today I’m telling you that although I can’t see your face as you peruse the lines I’ve crafted, and I don’t know how you’re feeling as you read my words, I wish I did. And I wish I could see each and every one of you loving my work, because I do want to help you to be happy, even for just a few minutes a day.

I write to my little sister because I know she reads this. And I promise, Carol, to not shelter you from the thoughts inside my head. You’re older than you seem, and you’re plenty old enough to listen to your sisters musings, even if they don’t make all that much sense right now, they will (at lease, I hope so) someday.

I write to my older sister, because now she has no choice but to read this. I will try to make better conclusions in my posts, because even though I am lost, and even thought I usually have no idea where I’m going, that doesn’t mean you should leave my blog with a feeling of in-conclusion. (Check out My older sister and me here, I’m pretending to be a photographer this week)

I write to other people who I know are with me when I say I’m lost. And I write to you from the deepest depths of my soul. You’re not alone, and I’m not either. Because even though it feels like no one, and I mean no one, has been where we are (or think we are, or aren’t anywhere at all; because sometimes we’re so lost we feel like we’ve disappeared) we aren’t alone.

Not even a little bit. Ever.

Today I write for you.

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