Wednesday, March 17, 2010

an AMAZING read

I haven't talked much about books lately because I haven't read anything that blew me away. I was reading things that I liked, yes; but nothing made me feel as amazing as this.

So I thought I'd do the right thing and share with you.

It's a relatively popular book actually, they made a movie of it recently which I have yet to see, but I couldn't have imagined I would love the book as much as I did.
There is beauty beyond belief, relief, joy, and so much sorrow that makes you feel such compassion.
The writing is wonderful, you really feel the way you're supposed to, and it doesn't feel forced, or awkward, or strange. Just natural, and beautiful, and actual.
I've found that if I'm ever disappointed by a book it's because it was never real enough to me to make it a part of my life; this book was anything but that. I am so thankful I read it.
I don't mean to sound cliche, but it really did leave a mark on me. I feel like a better, stronger somehow. Ugh, I just really loved this book. Please read it, you'll be so glad you did.


  1. Hm....maybe I'll try it, one day...

  2. It's not YA, and I know that's your thing, but I was really glad I did. It's one of those books that does so much more than entertain, so so much more.

  3. Oh I also loved Lovely Bones. It was intense & hard, but a really great read. Have you heard anything about the movie? I've been wondering if it was any good.

  4. I looked it up the other day and it had some pretty great actors playing in it and the girl who plays Susie was nominated for some award (sorry, not sure which one). The director is the same as District 9 (insanely great, not what I expected) and Lord of the Rings. Obvioulsy I'm expecting it to be wonderful. I missed it in theaters, but It comes out on April 20th.