Monday, March 22, 2010

negative colories

Just a tip off on some things that will help you diet in more ways than one.

Now, some of these things drive people crazy, but to be honest I like everything I'm about to notify you of and can honestly say I liked them before I realized the benefits too.

1. Black Coffee

If you like coffee or just the way it makes you feel in the morning go for it. The fact that it naturally speeds up your metabolism should encourage you to drink it, but it must be black. None of the foo foo girly stuff, sugar and cream are working against you here on this one. And if you need your coffee to have flavor and such other than the bitter deliciousness that is a black cup realise you're doing yourself an injustice. I learned to like black coffee because my mother drinks it that way, I never liked coffee before because people kept making me drink it with all that crap in it and it tasted terrible (I love coffee the way it it...) and I'm sadly allergic to heavy cream. Drink it black, if you don't like it too bad. You're piling on so many extra calories it's insane. A large (or venti.. whatever) coffee from Starbucks with all that flavor syrup and whipped cream can be more than 700 calories sometimes (more than 1/4th the daily amount needed in one cup). No wonder you feel like crap after drinking it. Just stay away. Or drink tea. Tea comes in so many flavors you're bound to be able to find one you can drink black, and tea is great for you with the caffeine we all apparently can't live without in the morning.


2. Ice Water

Most people don't know this but water is negative calories because it causes your body to work to warm it up inside of you. In my honest opinion there is nothing like a tall glass of water to quench your thirst. Sure, soda tastes yummy, but I'm not a fan of all the bubbles and even diet soda can make you gain weight (not to mention destroy your bone marrow...). Did you know that splenda, when mixed with your natural body chemistry becomes something chemically similar to Formaldehyde?? No wonder there are so many lawsuits that are kept hush hush from them. Splenda is bad. Aspartame is bad. Eat real sugar (not corn syrup) or you're doing your body a double injustice. Just drink water, your body needs it, and it is so quenching.

3. Chewing Gum
I'm talking about the sugar free stuff here, like orbit, or extra, or stride. The gum's strong minty flavor makes other food you're thinking about less appetizing! So, as you chew you burn calories, satisfy flavor cravings, get better breath and dental hygiene, and are less likely to eat something else.
4. Fiber

Fiber is negative calories because it pushes all that other stuff through your body faster so you have less time to absorb the calories. It makes you feel better because you are cleaner and working properly. I like the fact that a celery stick is oober crunchy, it really helps me get my fix when I need that crunch. Fiber is so important in your diet and most people don't get enough. Eat your celery people, it's yummy.

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